US Companies Will Not be able to Send Products to Huawei

According to Reuters, the US government has dealt another blow to Huawei. Accordingly, US companies will no longer be allowed to send certain products to Huawei.

What happened between the Chinese Huawei and the USA has been on the agenda of the technology industry for the last few years. The USA started to impose embargoes by blacklisting the company in 2019. A claim made today revealed that there may be another development that the company would not like.

According to a report citing three people close to the subject, Biden’s government has decided to stop licenses that allow US companies to export their products to Huawei. This decision includes leading tech giants like Qualcomm.

The government wants to prevent the relationship between Huawei and US companies by tightening its policies

Huawei has been facing export restrictions from the US on 5G and other technologies for the past few years. However, officials from the US Department of Commerce, licenses some companies to sell certain products and technologies to Huawei had given permission. Qualcomm, for example, was one of these companies. The tech giant got permission to sell 4G smartphone chips to Huawei in 2020.

The information released today revealed that the government wanted to prevent Huawei’s relationship with US companies by getting ahead of this. A few months ago, news emerged that the government banned Huawei from selling some equipment.

Also speaking to Reuters, a source said that the authorities in the USA; 4G, WiFi 6 and 7, artificial intelligence He added that it has prepared policies that will prevent many products below the 5G level, including Huawei, from being sent to Huawei.


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There was no statement from Huawei or Qualcomm on the subject. The US Department of Commerce stated that they are constantly evaluating their policies and regulations; However, he did not speak specifically to companies. On the other hand, Mao Ning, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the US is trying to suppress Chinese companies. to unreasonable practices expressed their opposition.

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