Twitter is working on video scrolling!

Social media applications are working on new features to make their users active users. Twitter announced new video features in a blog post it published. The feature to Instagram’s Reels is coming soon. Here are the details…

Twitter is working on video scrolling feature!

twitter, breaking their own rules and rhetoric in the last few years, released new features. One of them was the tweet editing feature, and the company said that this feature would never come. Twitter now brings the Reels feature of Instagram.

Twitter announced that it is working on the video scrolling feature. InstagramThe feature, similar to Reels in . According to the information shared, it will be offered to iOS users and people who use English Twitter first in the coming days. It is expected to be released for Android users later.

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According to the blog post shared by Twitter, it is necessary to click on any video to enter the feature. In this way, you will be able to watch similar videos by swiping up. It is also expected that the feature will show random videos, not just relevant videos.

While it’s unclear whether the “Reels”-like feature will appear in the Twitter menu, the company says it takes clicking on a video to access the video scrolling feature. This may be a sign that the feature will not be added to the submenu.

Suggested videos will appear in the Explore section

Twitter is preparing to offer videos that you can like in the explore section. While the popular video of the day will be displayed with the suggested videos, it will also appear on the videos similar to the ones you like. The feature that will provide a user-specific algorithm will be available soon.

Explore on Twitter "carousel" videos.

The feature, which is shared with the name “video carousel”, is currently only being tested in a few countries, with iOS and Android users and English language users. It is expected to be available to all users in the coming days.

Twitter seems to be trying to increase the interaction of users with the video feature it will publish this year. At the same time, the company has made new updates on privacy in the past months.

Twitter shareholders Elon Musk said!

The attempt of Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, to buy Twitter had a bomb effect all over the world. The events that followed brought the parties to the litigation process. Finally, Twitter shareholders addressed this issue with a special meeting about the direction of their investments.

Twitter shareholders Elon Musk said!

During the special meeting, which lasted about seven minutes, the shareholders put several important proposals on their agenda. The most important of these was the possible purchase of Elon Musk. As a result of the vote, Twitter shareholders approved the $44 billion acquisition of Elon Musk.

So, what do you guys think about Twitter’s new video features? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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