Turkish Man Who Made $100 Million By Selling Counterfeit Products In The U.S.

Onur Aksoy, 39, both a US and Turkish citizen, earned more than $100 million by selling fake Cisco products for 9 years. Aksoy recently admitted his guilt.

Onur Aksoy A Turk named Turk has been on the agenda for a while with a mind-blowing incident in the United States. This 39-year-old man spent tens of thousands of years between 2013 and 2022. Cisco branded counterfeit product He was accused of making millions of dollars by selling it. In June of last year, he was arrested for many crimes, including fraud and counterfeit goods traffic.

Today, there has been an important development in this case. According to the statement of the US Department of Justice, Aksoy admitted the charges. So, what are the details of this event, in which fake products were sold even to state institutions in a 9-year period? Let’s see.

Aksoy pretended that the products he brought from China belonged to Cisco, earned more than 100 million dollars by selling counterfeit products.

According to the Ministry, Onur Aksoy, who lives in Miami, lived in Florida and New Jersey between 2013 and 2022. when establishing at least 19 companies He opened 15 Amazon and 10 eBay storefronts. It has also sold tens of thousands of poor quality or faulty networking hardware that looks like new Cisco products over there.

Aksoy, who is both a US and Turkish citizen, imported products from China and installed pirated Cisco software on these equipment. Cisco is one of the world’s largest network technology companies. He then put them in boxes containing Cisco labels and stickers. As if these weren’t enough, he made documents such as the user manual look like they really belonged to Cisco.

As you can imagine, these products were not like Cisco hardware. Products were performing poorly and breaking down. In fact, the Ministry of Justice stated that the products have even been found to cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage to users.


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On the other hand, Aksoy has stopped selling these counterfeit products in 9 years. more than $100 million made money. Aksoy’s activities attracted the attention of the authorities after a while. It was even revealed that US Customs and Border Protection had seized more than 180 deliveries of counterfeit products to his companies. Aksoy, on the other hand, presented fake documents under the name of Dave Durden to the authorities regarding these products.

Counterfeit products have also been sold to places like the US military, schools, hospitals

The counterfeit products that earned Aksoy millions of dollars were sold alongside regular customers. row schools, hospitals and the army It was even sold to official institutions such as

Aksoy’s sale of counterfeit products did not go unnoticed by Cisco. The company sent seven letters to Aksoy between 2014 and 2019. The Ministry of Justice stated that these letters were answered at least twice with false documents.

Despite the pressure from the authorities and Cisco lawyers, Aksoy did not stop his activities and continued to sell fake products. After all this, his home was raided in July 2021 and 1156 counterfeit devices worth millions of dollars were seized. Aksoy was arrested last year.

Aksoy, who accepted the accusations, 48 to 78 months faces jail time. It will also have to pay $15 million and compensate customers. Aksoy’s trial will be held on 6 November.

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