Triell talk with Anne Will – Mrs. Esken was only at the chip shop – politics

Two weeks before the election, the Scholz closed season is slowly coming to an end in the media. But does that also apply to public transport?

After the exchange of blows in “Das Triell – Dreikampf zum Chanzleramt” Anne Will can show how seriously she takes the broadcasting law neutrality requirement.

The guests

►Jens Spahn (41, CDU). The Federal Minister of Health competed in the election campaign with Armin Laschet as a men’s doubles.

► Malu Dreyer (60, SPD). The Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate has already been discussed as a candidate for Chancellor.

► Katrin Göring-Eckardt (55, Greens). The parliamentary group leader moves into the (pre-) last battle for her wavering chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock.

► Prof. Ursula Münch (59). The political scientist believes that “all three parties” “took unusual paths” in the nomination process.

► Robin Alexander (46). The Vice President of the WORLD wrote the bestseller “Power Decline” about the Chancellor.

► Ellen Ehni (48). The WDR editor-in-chief recently moderated the “ARD election arena” and provided the talk show with survey results.

How emotional is it today? And how important was the quick poll after the winner? The Zoff-o-Meter looks carefully!

Photo: NDR / Wolfgang Borrs

Most balanced analysis

“Basically, people already have their pre-impression,” judges the political scientist Münch after the three-way battle. “Well, I don’t believe that these trials will change so much.”

The talk show host doesn’t sound enthusiastic: “It’s good that we have watched it for an hour and a half and are now talking about it,” she complains ironically about the unwelcome comment. “That makes a good impression!”

Most unusual compliment

But the scientist is not impressed by the hostess’s disappointment: The questions about the finance minister’s responsibility for the “Cum-Ex”, “Wirecard” or the public prosecutor’s raid were “incredibly technical”.

But, continues Prof. Münch: “Mr. Scholz can actually be grateful to Mr. Laschet: He was really alive!”

“In this respect, perhaps, unconsciously, Mr. Laschet even did him a favor,” says the political scientist, “namely, lured him out of his reserve as a controversial Scholz” and – with emphasis: “To show people.” Uff! The old Scholzomat is a person!

Most colorful requests to speak

Laschet’s double partner Spahn served a serve with a lot of spin: Laschet was “aggressive”, says the minister, “he took Olaf Scholz’s responsibility so that the color of his ears came closer to the color of his tie.” General smiles in the group!

When Spahn accuses Scholz and Baerbock of not having ruled out a left-wing coalition, the talk show host rushes into his speech so vigorously that she escapes a particularly pretty slip of the tongue: “Careful! Now do what Mr. Baerbock about … “

Most interesting background story

Then Spahn adds some information to the accusation that the SPD would hide some executives behind Scholz until the election: “Until two or three days ago it was said that Ms. Esken would come today,” he wonders.

His suspicion: “Those who would like to form a coalition with the Left Party are no longer allowed to appear!”

Most Relevant Notice

“No,” says Will firmly. “Ms. Esken has canceled. That’s it, Herr Spahn. Do not construct a conspiracy narrative! “

However, the talk show host does not reveal the reasons. Dreyer smiles knowingly and is quietly silent.

But Alexander still knows: “She was here,” reveals the WELT journalist. “I met her at the chip shop, 300 meters away.” Well, meal!

The Zoff-o-Meter starts promptly

“They hide them successfully,” claims Spahn. “Although the majority of the party has elected her chairman.”

“That’s pretty outrageous, Mr. Spahn,” Dreyer wedges back. “Ms. Esken was elected through a democratic process in our party! You may or may not like them, but you can’t be so prompt with anyone to suggest things like that … “Phew!

Most serious allegation

“Is Olaf Scholz still stumbling over the last few meters?” Will asks the SPD politician, “when a federal finance minister, after a house search in his ministry, has nothing better to do first than to doubt the sensibility and proportionality of the action sow?”

“No,” Dreyer dismisses. “Olaf Scholz said very clearly, of course, if the public prosecutor’s office searches, everything will be done to ensure that there is appropriate cooperation …”

Your counterattack: “Flowery half-truths! Just not okay!

The toughest accusation

Spahn does not want to let that pass: The Cum-Ex deals have already shown that Olaf Scholz’s fight against tax evasion does not work, he explains.

“The money has been paid back,” Dreyer protests angrily. “If you stick to the truth, then it will all be easier for us!”

“That applies to all of us,” countered Spahn. “Even an Olaf Scholz has to put up with questions!”

Watschenmen of the evening

Then the group talks according to the motto “If you have mine, I will beat yours”. Göring-Eckardt starts an attack against Laschet because of Hans-Georg Maaßen: “Zero understanding!” The Greens railed about “this person” who “permanently acts into the right margin”.

“Ms. Baerbock was asked about Boris Palmer,” recalls Alexander, “and there she mentioned the racist murders in Hanau and Halle. I thought that was a fat dog. A Lord Mayor elected several times! “

Most Expectable Results

ARD studio manager Tina Hassel is delighted at the Triell in Berlin: “Big boost here!”. CDU Vice Volker Bouffier “took notes all the time, maybe for the debriefing.”

ARD presenter Ehni comes with survey results: Scholz is, of course, ahead of the ARD audience.

Most predictable comments

“Olaf Scholz is the fig leaf for a left-wing SPD,” the health minister determined.

Dreyer sheds crocodile tears: “The CDU does not have a particularly closed party at the moment. I am sorry.”

Most hidden malice

“You want to reverse the only real success of social democracy in the last 30 years, Agenda 2010,” Spahn accuses the SPD politician. “The only real success where Olaf Scholz was Minister of Labor!”

“We have seen in the last ten years that there is more tax revenue when the economy grows,” the minister told the prime minister. “You want to raise taxes, but you will stifle growth. A left-wing SPD with Saskia Esken and – I always forget the name – Mr. Walter-Borjans stands for this! “

Most important requirement

“That is the greatest task of the twenties: To become less dependent on China again,” announced Spahn at the end. “Both when selling cars and with certain technologies.”

His terrifying vision: “Imagine a world where vaccines would only have been developed in China, and we would now have to beg from this regime!”

Most conclusive analysis

“If you pursue a social democratization of politics, as Angela Merkel did in the accusation of her own party,” judges the political scientist, “it is of course no wonder that a few voters then wander back or look for a new destination . “

Her prognosis: “What we won’t see again are the approval ratings from the 1970s, when the two big parties were above 40 percent. That will no longer exist. “Amen …

Quote of the evening

Jens Spahn:

“I don’t know of any country in which the citizens would have preferred to be in this one over the past 18 months.”


Tough infight of the combatants with round blows just above the belt, steep comments from the professional observers, the talk show host did not fall off the rope in the political vortex: That was a talk in the “All-in” category.