Trendyol Shows Orders in Restaurant Reviews

In Trendyol Yemek, which has become more and more popular lately, the content of the orders placed in the comments made to the restaurants has also become visible. After this change, it was observed that some restaurants placed orders for themselves and made 5-star comments.

When we buy something or need a service from points We get ideas. Of course, this situation does not change when ordering food. We all rely on ratings to find the best dishes.

Of course, restaurants are aware of this situation. Some restaurants to get ahead and in order to attract more customers, it turned out that they ordered water and buttermilk, and then made 5-star comments to themselves. The fact that Trendyol also shared the order contents in the comments brought this situation to light.

Those who sing ayran and praise lahmacun, those who order a water…

A person who shared a post on the subject on his Twitter account, restaurant owner I have a restaurant in trendyol dining, we mark points and assign prices to set package limits, set the limit as 1 TL at a certain point and can order.” He also reveals what kind of method cheating restaurants may have followed.

Let’s look at these examples together:



As you can see in this restaurant reviews between the products mentioned and the contents of the orders. there are differences. Moreover, we know today that any restaurant will not only bring water. Unless there are overly fantastic restaurants that send lahmacun or kebab treats to those who order water, it seems that someone is trying to manipulate the scoring system.


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In addition, these comments are usually more from past orders seems to come. So at some point, the fake comments regressed to the point where they couldn’t affect the real ones. Especially as the number of reviews increases, the weight of each review decreases, so restaurants may have given up on this method.

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