Transactions Made by TRON Founder Justin Sun Hours Before the Big Rise in Bitcoin Revealed

Famous cryptocurrency TRON founder Justin Sun is one of the of Bitcoin He withdrew 519 BTC (worth approximately $24.85 million) from Binance just six hours before the significant increase in price.

Over the past two months, Sun has withdrawn a total of 1,677 BTC (approximately $75 million) from Binance, with the average price per Bitcoin withdrawn being $44,741.

In another important move, an unidentified whale transferred 244,958 to Binance two hours ago. LINK (approximately $4.96 million) and sold for a potential profit.

The same whale had previously withdrawn 495,057 LINK (worth approximately $7.5 million) from Binance on January 28, February 2, and February 7, trading at an average price of $15.12 per LINK. Whale currently holds 250,000 LINK (about $5 million) and its total profit is about $2.5 million.

A third whale deposited 300 BTC (worth about $14.43 million) on Binance and made a profit of $2.78 million (24% increase) in just three weeks. This whale had previously withdrawn 300 BTC (approximately $11.66 million) from Binance on January 23, when the Bitcoin price dropped below $39,000 and was considered the best time to buy Bitcoin at the bottom.

*This is not investment advice.

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