Tostçu Mahmut Died in a Traffic Accident

Anıl Kurt, known as Tostçu Mahmut on social media, died in a traffic accident. Kurt, who collided head-on with a truck as a result of incorrect overtaking, shared a story in which he showed that he was traveling at 206 km/h shortly before the accident.

Known for his social media postsTostcu MahmutAnıl Kurt, nicknamed “, lost his life in a traffic accident. Kurt collided head-on with a truck on the Ulukışla-Adana road. recent posts on social media was a clear indication that the accident was coming in sight.

According to the information received, Tostçu Mahmut had gone to the branch he was preparing to open in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. On the way back from here, exceeding the speed limits and reaching Your speed of 206 km/h The phenomenon, who took his video and shared it with his followers, had a traffic accident a while after that video. According to the allegations, Anıl Kurt used Volkswagen Transporter The vehicle collided with the TIR due to incorrect overtaking.

How serious the accident was was evident from the condition of the vehicle.

The accident that took place around 02.30 am, those around with the notice intervened. There was nothing that could be done for Anıl Kurt in the accident, in which the fire brigade, medical teams and the police intervened. While it was learned that the truck driver MY was in good health, Tostçu Mahmut was about to perform an autopsy. taken to the morgue. Anıl Kurt’s funeral, after autopsy to be buried.


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Anil Kurt,I’m hurting bro?” the words of social media from his favorites had become one. Kurt, who took action due to the intense interest in ironing toast, said this toast “Adana toast” he registered it with his name. The 27-year-old young man lost his life with the traffic accident he experienced…

Here are the posts on social media before the accident

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