Top Countries to Buy iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 models, announced by Apple last night, were discussed mostly with their prices. Because the phones were not released at high prices as expected. However, the dollar rate and tax burden made the Turkish prices of phones a dream even in this state. So how many days does it take to buy an iPhone 13 Pro in Turkey?

Purchasing technological products in Turkey it’s hard A fact known to everyone. The clearest example of this was seen once again at the launch of technology giant Apple yesterday. Because Apple, 2021 model smartphones iPhone 13 family at prices that are not very suitable for Turkey. announced. In the past hours, we have seen the vmelt load a report that we convey to you how much we had prepared.

Now, I’m going to tell you how to buy an iPhone 13. What it means for Turkey we will talk about. Conducting extensive research for the 128GB storage version of the iPhone 13 Pro, Picodi, in Turkey and other countries to buy this smartphone how many days to work revealed. The results are unfortunately at least as tax burden The kind that bothers you…

How many days should you work to buy the iPhone 13 Pro worth 15,999 TL?

of picodi “iPhone Index“According to his research, buying an iPhone 13 Pro with 128 GB of storage in Turkey, It takes 92.5 days. Picodi, which determines an average salary for Turkey according to’s data, reveals that Turkey is in the last place among the countries it has researched. If you ask who Turkey is equal to, you will see that our closest competitor Philippines where you can get iPhone 13 Pro by working 90.2 days We can say it is.

Looking at other countries in Picodi’s research, we even forgot its existence We see that the situation in some countries is better than Turkey. According to the research team, the country where you need to work the least to buy a smartphone worth 15 thousand 999 TL is Switzerland. According to this A consumer in Switzerland runs an iPhone 13 Pro for 4.4 days can own.

10 countries where it’s easiest to buy an iPhone 13 Pro

  • Switzerland: 4.4 days
  • USA: 5.9 days
  • Australia: 6.4 days
  • Luxembourg: 6.4 days
  • Denmark: 6.9 days
  • Norway: 7.2 days
  • Singapore: 7.6 days
  • Canada: 8 days
  • New Zeland: 8.4 days
  • United Arab Emirates: 8.8 days


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The 10 most difficult countries to buy the iPhone 13 Pro

  • Turkey: 92.5 days
  • Philippines: 90.2 days
  • Brazil: 79.2 days
  • India: 75.7 days
  • Mexican: 49.3 days
  • Montenegro: 46.7 days
  • Thailand: 43 days
  • Russia: 42.1 days
  • Hungary: 31.3 days
  • Malaysia: 30.3 days

Anyway, even if we don’t get the iPhone 13 Pro anyway: Why?