Tom and Jerry’s Real Names Revealed

Wherever you go in the world, we think it’s almost impossible to meet someone who hasn’t watched Tom and Jerry once as a kid. However, we learned today that the real names of the main characters of the cartoon series, which we have known for years as Tom and Jerry, are quite different from what we thought.

It is one of the most popular cartoons in the history of television, which first started broadcasting in 1940 and still maintains its old popularity after many years. Tom and Jerrythe full names of the eponymous characters ‘Tom’ and ‘Jerry’; Developed by Warner Bros. MultiVersus It came out with the game.

In the promotional images of MultiVersus, the platform game Warner Bros. plans to release in 2022, along with the full names of the main characters of the cartoon series, first published name was also included.

Not an abbreviation:

According to the news of, the real names of the famous cartoon characters known by the nicknames Tom and Jerry and known by this name all over the world; for Tom ‘Thomas Jasper Cat Sr.’, for Jerry ‘Gerald Jinx Mouse’ was stated.

In other words, the real names of these two lovely arch-enemys who locked us all on the screen in our childhood were not Tom and Jerry, but Thomas Jasper Car Sr and Gerald Jinx Mouse.

Tom and Jerry


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Also in the promotional images, the original name of the cartoon series, which was first shown 80 years ago. “Puss Gets The Boot”was also included.

As for the MultiVersus game: In the platform game that will be released next year, besides Tom and Jerry, there are many more. familiar name will appear. Among the characters we will see in the game are Bugs Bunny, Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, Steven and Garnet from Steven Universe, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman from the DC universe, Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.

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