TOGG’s Chargers Announced Ready for Installation

New images came from TruGo, the charging station brand of the domestic car TOGG. In the statements made, it was stated that the 180 kW chargers produced are ready for installation.

The domestic car that has not been on the agenda for a long time TOGG As the work continues without slowing down, we come across new news about the automobile every day. The charging infrastructure prepared for the car, which is expected to be on the roads in 2023, is also a very curious subject.

Recently selected as TOGG’s charging station brand from TruGo Here is a post that allows us to see the charging stations for the first time. In this post, it was stated that the devices started to be tested in Gemlik, while seeing how the charging station will look. Now, new images have come from these chargers, which are expected to be installed all over the country.

180 kW chargers ready for installation

TruGo posted on its official social media account. with photos It allowed us to take a detailed look at the TruGo chargers. In the explanations on the subject, Vestel, one of the founding partners of TOGG, produced a special product for TruGo. 180 kW chargers are ready for installation. specified.

Moreover, “Electric vehicle users in Turkey with Trugo High performance in 81 provinces will have an uninterrupted experience with its charging infrastructure” statements were also included in the explanations, revealing once again that the chargers will be located in all provinces.

TOGG received an operator license for the TruGo brand as a result of its application to EMRA in the past months. If your goal 1000 high-performance sites in more than 600 locations in 81 provinces While it was stated that it was to install a charger, it was stated that the device would be installed every 25 km in places with high traffic density and 50 km in places with low density. Also, with the vehicle’s TruGo with 20% charge It can reach 80% charge in 25 minutes. was also included in the previous information.


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