Togg chat with the internet guy!

Known as “Internet Brother” in our country, Bogazici University and Stanford Universitytrained in, Googlefor a long time in management making Taylan Star with Hakkı Alkan, founder of ShiftDelete.Netmet at the SDN office. We met in Silicon Valley in America before, Dr. We talked to Taylan Yıldız about the domestic car Togg. What does the internet guy think of Togg?

Togg chat with the internet guy!

Sivasfrom Silicon valleyhas a career that spans Taylan Star‘s way 2017 again in Turkeygoing out. Returning to take an active role in our country’s politics Internet man Taylan Yildizcurrently a member of the IYI Party of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council.

After Esenler Mayor Tevfik Göksu called himself an ‘Internet person’ in the parliament, Yıldız’s nickname became ‘Internet man’.

In our star chat, TurkeyHe also talked about his work on behalf of the Internet. He also commented on Togg, which was introduced on October 29. Taylan Yıldız, who could not attend the launch because he did not have an invitation, stated that he liked the design and features of the vehicle.

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