Today is an Important Day for Those 35 Altcoins: Here’s the List of What’s Happening!

Today is an Important Day for Those 35 Altcoins: Here's the List of What's Happening!

Today is an Important Day for Those 35 Altcoins: Here’s the List of What’s Happening!

The cryptocurrency world, which includes Bitcoin and altcoin projects, never remains still. The cryptocurrency space in particular was buzzing with activity on Thursday, April 25, 2024. Here is a list of some important events…

Today is critical for those 35 altcoins

  • Merit Circle launches Forgotten Playland. The game will launch with an airdrop of Forgotten Playland (FP) tokens and a ToyBox discount.
  • Acala Referendum #109: The Acala community voted on a proposal regarding the allocation of staking rewards for ACA and ACA-USDCet LP tokens.
  • Portal’s $SOMO Launchpad: The Portal offered guaranteed access to the $SOMO token by staking the $PORTAL token.
  • BitMart listed Scorpion (SCORP), Speedy (SPEEDY), KittenWifHat (KITTENWIF), and BounceBit (BB).
  • MEXC listed Planet Mojo (MOJO), Safe (SAFE), and PointPay (PXP).
  • Indodax listed Beam (BEAM) and Wen (WEN).
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  • BingX listed (CHO) and Merlin Starter (MSTAR).
  • CoinEx listed Ore (ORE) and Fren Pet (FP).
  • listed cat in a dogs world (MEW) and POPCAT (POPCAT).
  • GOPAX KR listed Open Campus (EDU).
  • dYdX chain protocol software upgrade vote: The dYdX community voted to upgrade their protocol firmware to version 4.1.0.
  • Money20/20 Asia Conference: This industry conference brought attendees together for networking and insights into the future of finance.
  • Community AMAs: Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions including Alchemy Pay, PointPay (CEO), PointPay (MEXC listing), Trader Joe’s, Core & NLX, BRC-20 DEX (CEO), Stellar (BAND Integration) There were various projects hosted.
  • Numbers DAO discussed opening controversial archive proposals.
  • Lido DAO voted to change a security measure.
  • Autonolas votes to accelerate developer rewards.
  • Quasar voted to retire certain chassis.
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  • Lyra Finance discussed buying back tokens with protocol fees.
  • DODO voted on porting tokens and redirecting revenues.
  • Function X voted for token bridgeability.
  • Baby Doge Coin is considered a 0% fee offering.
  • Nym has partnered with Aleo to develop privacy solutions.
  • ICON Foundation received a grant from Stellar to integrate the Balancer DAO.
  • PAAL AI collaborated with for web3 solutions.
  • zkLink Nova ($ZKL) distribution took place on Binance Web3 Wallet
  • Beam (BEAM) and Indodax listing update has arrived.
  • Safe (SAFE) listing updates have occurred on BTSE and MEXC.
  • Core and NLX AMA update took place
  • Fren Pet (FP) listing update took place on CoinEx
  • Axie Infinity’s Atia’s Shrine Upgrade is now available.
  •’s STYLE IDO update has taken place

This is just a snapshot of daily activity in the crypto space. It highlights the continuous evolution and development in the industry, as we report every day. The future of crypto continues to be dynamic and exciting as new Blockchain games are released, tokens are listed on new exchanges, and communities make important decisions.

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Today is an Important Day for Those 35 Altcoins: Here’s the List of What’s Happening!

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