Those with Eye Disorders Have a Higher Risk of ‘Dementia’

A scientific study conducted in the UK revealed that people with eye disorders are more likely to develop dementia. Especially diabetes-related eye disorders, macular degeneration and cataracts increase the likelihood of dementia.

British scientists aged 55 to 73 12 thousand 364 people conducted extensive research using data. Within the scope of this research, scientists who examined whether there is a link between eye health and dementia, reached remarkable results. The research, published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology, people with bad eyes indicates a higher risk of dementia.

Within the scope of the research conducted in England, at least 2,300 of the participants had an eye disorder. dementia has developed detected. Scientists; especially yellow spot disease They explained that people who have it are at risk. Because the risk of dementia of people with this disease is higher than that of other people. 26 percent more. This rate is higher in people with cataract disease. 11 percent.

Diabetes-related eye conditions increase the risk of dementia by 61 percent

According to the research, one of the conditions that lead to deterioration of eye health is diabetes. Experts state that the group with the highest risk of dementia is those who have one or more eye conditions due to diabetes. According to reviews, those with diabetes-related eye problems are more likely to develop dementia. 61 percent more than other individuals.


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The article published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology, is one of the popular eye problems. eye pressure It also revealed an interesting point. Between eye pressure problem and dementia, experts say no link detected. So even if people with this condition have dementia, this is not related to eye pressure.

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