This invention is “Germany’s tastiest idea” – a mix of kebab, potato and sausage – TV

Premiere for “Germany’s most delicious idea” at Vox: Ten food start-ups presented their products on Sunday evening. In five duels it was decided who would make it to the finals at the end of the evening and who would be chosen as the “tastiest idea in Germany” in the final decision. The winning product can be found in 3600 Rewe stores in Germany from Monday.

The new delicacies were allowed to taste 60 test eaters and some prominent guests: presenter Jana Ina Zarella (44), TV chef Steffen Henssler (48), comedian Mirja Boes (50), presenter Inka Bause (52) and ex-soccer player and now Rewe- Market manager Holger Stanislawski (51).

The gourmet candidates competed against each other in various categories such as “Breakfast”, “Lunch Break” and “Snacks”. For example, the 16-year-old students Alina Schrainer, Leon Gilges and Christian Spinnrath developed the “Immunbar”, a coconut date bar with a vegan chocolate coating. Jana Ina was flabbergasted: “What excites me most is that 16-year-olds have the idea of ​​doing something healthy.” Inka Bause would have liked to see the teen trio on her ballot: “Start a party. I choose you. “

Leon Gilges, Alina Schrainer and Christian Spinnrath created a date coconut barPhoto: TVNOW / Pervin Inan-Sertta

The Oldenburg kebab shop owner Hani Alhay (45) caused even more enthusiasm. He had already invented the “potato kebab”: “Kebab is my life. I saw on television that a person had a sign saying ‘Potatoes instead of kebab’. That didn’t let me go the whole time: why potatoes instead of kebab, why not potatoes with kebab? “.

Hani sees his potato doner as a declaration of love to several cultures: “International understanding begins with eating. I’m also half potato and half doner kebab. ”In Oldenburg he has long been a star with his invention, his friend Jens even dedicated a song to it, the butcher Martin Bartsch (57) helps with product development.

Hani wanted to present his next invention in the studio, but suffered from severe stage fright: “I’m nervous. If I were pregnant, I would have had my child here. ”Actually, business isn’t really his thing.

He proudly presented his latest creation: the “Potato doner sausage”. The way there was hard and rocky, however, Hani felt abandoned by the kebab god: “After I was the first in the world to make potato kebab on a rotisserie, I thought I would have my peace and quiet. But then thoughts came back. Every day I talked to myself with my potato kebab: How should I get you to the man? At some point my kebab skewer didn’t feel like me anymore and didn’t respond. ”

While the test eaters were already wiping the tears of laughter from their eyes, Hani continued: “Then it became clear to me: Why don’t you put potato kebab in a sausage filling?”

For him, the “potato doner bratwurst” is a new national dish: “I tell you guys, potatoes always work in Germany, kebab always works anyway and sausage too.” The content: potatoes, kebab meat, spinach and Turkish suçuk (garlic sausage).

And the studio cheered with them – Mirja Boes could hardly recover: “Delicious, crazy! You can also market that incredibly awesome. You take this Hani, then you take the butcher and then you take this funny Lotto King Karl blend that sings a song. There you have the perfect reality soap! ”Steffen Henssler also received admiration:“ He comes on stage with this Asi gold chain and stands there. Cool! You see, he’s passionate about this stuff. “

The opponents Ulrich Glemnitz (42) and Dr. Mario Binder (41) didn’t show up with their vegan burger patty – they dropped out and thus sent the “Potato Doner Bratwurst” man into the final. And not only that: at the end of the evening, the test eaters had decided on the cult Oldenburg as the winner and made Hani ‘s eyes wet: “You will drink my wet tears right away.”

The “Potato Doner Bratwurst” can be found in the Rewe markets from Monday: Bon appetit.