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According to experts, 2023 could be the year GameFi really starts to rise. More and more exciting GameFi coin projects are joining the field as the traditional gaming industry seems destined to change forever. The best GameFi coin projects offer integrated financial rewards to players of various genres. Crypto expert Alice Davies has selected the 8 best projects the industry has to offer for anyone looking to invest in blockchain games for the long term.

GameFi coin projects with long-term potential

STEPN (GMT): 10X gain potential

GMT is only a year old, but it’s already a big hit on Web3. The STEPN platform is a unique and innovative modification of the popular Blockchain game mechanic that could lead it to become one of the top GameFi coin projects in the crypto space. Having reached an all-time high of $4 in the crypto winter of 2022, STEPN is now only $0.40. Experts predict more than 10x gains for the new token as it regains its previous high and enters price discovery in the coming years.

Illuvium (ILV): Can undo what’s lost

Illuvium is described as a true AAA game on the Blockchain, thanks to its advanced graphics and large open world map. Fantastic gamers can enjoy the benefits of Blockchain through player ownership on game items and digital currency rewards while enjoying a huge open world full of new experiences.

Progress made by the Illuvium team, one of the best GameFi coin projects to come out in recent years, has been rapid. The ILV token climbed to an all-time high of almost $2,000 in the 2021 bull market and is now finding itself below $100. This could be a great entry point for one of the most promising GameFi tokens in 2023. With only 2.2 million ILV tokens in circulation, it is one of the scarcest GameFi cryptos on the Web3. As demand for Illuvium grows, investors can be confident that ILV, the in-game currency, will reclaim most of its previous value as it aims to break the $1,000 mark.

ApeCoin (APE): Has great potential

APE is one of the most popular governance tokens on Web3. All beneficiaries have voting rights in the ApeCoin DAO, which determines how the APE Foundation will act. Given the team’s previous successes behind the project, this makes a strong use case for a cryptocurrency token.

APE is expected to gain significant value before the release of Otherside, a highly anticipated GameFi coin project. Contributions from the APE Foundation could revolutionize the traditional gaming industry over time, as the blockchain gaming ecosystem looks poised to grow thanks to its ability to earn in-game assets while exploring virtual worlds. For now, APE is $5. Since the token was launched in 2022, it has great potential for future returns as it has not yet fully entered price discovery in 2022.

Decentraland (MANA): Good GameFi coin to buy

MANA is one of the top GameFi coin projects due to its unique offering that can expand to include additional services over time. The Decentraland platform has many different GameFi projects and exclusive experiences, including Las Vegas-style gambling and play-to-earn hack courses. Decentraland has the potential to grow over time, as the browser-based platform is entirely driven by its users. Using MANA, anyone can buy land in Decentraland. This gives MANA an innate benefit and the ability to experience ever-increasing demand.

GameFi Coin

For now, MANA is priced at $0.60 after falling 90% from its all-time high. It is facing strong resistance as it tries to regain its previous price level, but many experts suggest it will set new highs over time. This makes it one of the best GameFi cryptos to buy right now.

Axie Infinity (AXS): Offers a great entry point

Axie Infinity was the most widely used GameFi platform on Web3 during the 2021 bull run. It started attracting about 2 million daily active users. This is proof that it is one of the best GameFi coin projects in terms of how addictive it is. But AXS price, cryptocoin.comAs you follow, it recently crashed after Ronin Bridge, a unique GameFi protocol created specifically to support the game, was hacked. It was the biggest hack in Web3 history as more than $600 million of user funds were lost. AXS, which was once worth $160 per token, is now just $10.

The Axie Infinity team has already developed the security protocol for the platform and the game continues to attract a substantial player base. Many investors suggest that AXS will recover over time. This makes the $10 price level a great long-term entry point.

Sandbox (SAND): A good opportunity for the long term

The Sandbox has made it one of the best GameFi coin projects on the Web3 by prioritizing user-generated content (UGC) at the core of the game. SAND is currently the most valuable GameFi coin by market cap, showing the popularity and uniqueness of the game form. Many have described Sandbox as similar to Minecraft except for the integrated financial benefits. Since Minecraft has a global appeal, investors can also be confident that Sandbox will have a similar level of demand over time.

GameFi coin

For now, SAND is worth $0.70. As one of the top GameFi tokens, it is expected to regain its all-time high of $7.50 in the coming years. All in all, the $0.70 price level could be an excellent opportunity to get involved in the long run.

Yield Guild Games (YGG): An interesting investment opportunity

The YGG token peaked at $10 in the 2021 bull market and has since dropped to $0.30. This is largely due to a widespread crypto winter affecting much of the market, including collectible NFTs and all GameFi cryptos. Yield Guild Games’ price drop is a direct byproduct of this, as the value of in-game assets affects the DAO and the management token. The story of the DAO is based on the idea that the value of in-game NFTs will increase over time. As you play, NFTs can become cheaper to attract global users. Existing and scarce NFTs are likely to rise from price levels in early 2023.

Yield Guild Games is expected to rise from the $0.30 price point, making it one of the best GameFi coin projects to buy now. The YGG token is directly impacted by the success of the entire blockchain gaming industry, making it an interesting investment opportunity.

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE): Possible to rise significantly

My Neighbor Alice has become one of the top GameFi coin projects after experiencing rapid growth when it was first released in 2021. The game is still relatively new, but has already attracted a substantial user base. The GameFi project was inspired by Animal Crossing, played by millions of people around the world. ALICE can compete with its counterpart over time as it combines the best gaming elements with additional benefits based on Blockchain.

ALICE is currently worth just $1.84 after falling over 90% from its all-time high. This gives it a huge plus potential and can grow significantly from its current price level as the game develops and attracts more users.

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