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On the last day of January, there is important news from Djed, the new Cardano stablecoin that was released recently, to the results of Uniswap’s bridge vote.

Here are the developments of the day from Cardano, Mina and Avalanche

Intain launches a new platform based on Avalanche

Structured finance and management platform Intain has launched an Avalanche subnet for the generation and trading of asset-backed securities on the blockchain. The company says its platform, called IntainMarkets, is trying to simplify the complex nature of financial instruments. The platform will facilitate the tokenization and investment of assets without the need for third parties.

Intain said that because of its customizability, it chose to build its new platform on the Avalanche subnet, a Blockchain built on top of the Avalanche network.

Mina gained more than 30% on this news

Mina jumped over 33% to $0.855 in the 24 hours following the announcement of the OpenMina node browser concept. On January 26, Mina announced its partnership with Viable Systems to launch OpenMina, a web node browser concept. The accessibility of this concept is expected to attract more node operators, thereby increasing the decentralization of the network.

Following the announcement, Mina has increased its last 2-day green daily candle series to 3. At the time of writing, this retains a large portion of the earnings. January 30 saw bullish momentum pushing the price to a 24-week high of $0.951.

Uniswap announces which bridge it has chosen for Uniswap v3 to be released on BNB Chain

Wormhole will be the crypto bridge provider of choice for the distribution of Uniswap v3 on BNB Chain, according to details of an off-chain vote that was concluded within the day. Wormhole was among a list of four crypto bridge protocols in the vote. The Wormhole bridge lost nearly $300 million in a hack last year.

Cardano DJed stablecoin is live

Djed stablecoin, developed by Cardano developer company IOG and COTI Network, was released on the mainnet today. The COTI team states in a blog post that the successful launch followed more than a year of preparation, development and a successful security audit.

Djed hit new charts ahead of its release. Last week, Muesliswap, a Cardano-based DEX and Djed partner, announced that it will list stablecoin Djed and its reserve coin, Shen.

New claim about bankrupt cryptocurrency platform Celsius

The independent investigator assigned to the case of the crypto lending platform Celsius (CEL), which went bankrupt last year, claimed that the company was running a ponzi at one point. According to the investigator, the company is meeting the demands of users trying to withdraw their funds with new user funds. However, despite the claims of Celsius executives, 14% of the company’s corporate loans turned out to be completely unsecured.

Court Confirms: Celsius Can Sell These Altcoins!

Shiba Inu (SHIB) gains acceptance on a new platform

Shiba Inu (SHIB), one of the coins supported by Binance Pay, had the opportunity to reach more users through Binance Pay’s partnership with ANC Pharmacy, a large pharmacy chain in Ukraine. Shiba Inu has also started to be accepted by local telecom operator STC through Binance Pay. This innovation was made possible thanks to Binance Pay’s partnership with Bahrain’s EazyPay service.

Hamilton Lane (HLNE)

Hamilton Lane (HLNE), an investment management firm with $824 billion in assets under management and oversight, has opened the first of three “tokenized” funds on Polygon (MATIC), which it says will create more investors access to private markets. In October, the firm announced plans to tokenize three of its funds as part of a partnership with digital asset securities firm Securitize.

Mask Network rallied 30% with this news

Mask Network’s native token MASK rallied on news that Elon Musk plans to build a payment system for Twitter that could potentially support cryptocurrencies in the future. According to the Financial Times (FT) report, Twitter employee Esther Crawford has started working with a small team to develop the architecture that will enable the addition of payment methods to the platform. On this news, MASK rose above 30% for a short time.

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