The World’s Smartest Countries Announced

Curious about Turkey’s average IQ? The smartest countries in the world have been announced and Turkey is among the top 20 high average grades. Hong Kong and Singapore are among the top 10 smartest countries in the world with the highest average.

At a young age, when we encounter propositions and information that do not work for us, so that our ignorance does not come out, or when we show off the information we say, we direct it to the other person. “how much is your ayquun” Thanks to his reaction, we all know about IQ.

Its abbreviation is Intelligence Quotient, and its meaning in Turkish is IQ, which is the intelligence value or intelligence coefficient, and is the intelligence score obtained from standardized intelligence tests. It includes scores such as logic, memory, math skills, language ability, analytical thinking ability, and information processing speed. Societies and countries as well as individuals IQ ratings being wondered.

Turkey’s average IQ: 90


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It is very difficult to determine which countries and societies are the smartest in the world, as there are many different factors involved. E.g; Is the country with the highest literacy rate the smartest? While it is not possible to take the factors alone and gain a certainty, it is not possible to make a statement with all the factors. standardization is created and the measurement is made accordingly.

Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy and Mongolia are among the smartest countries in the world.Turkey’s average IQ set to 90. Here are the top 10 countries with the highest IQ and their averages:

  • Hong Kong: 108
  • Singapore: 108
  • South Korea: 106
  • China: 105
  • Japan: 105
  • Taiwan: 104
  • Italy: 102
  • Switzerland: 101
  • Mongolia: 101
  • Iceland: 101