The US Senator’s Resentment to the FDIC That Increases Cryptocurrency Pressure!

to cryptocurrencies US Senator Pat Toomey, known for his support of

Toomey’s letter FDIC Wrote to Vice President Martin Gruenberg.

According to the information Toomey received in his letter, the FDIC has cryptocurrency He said he may be putting pressure on companies to stop them from providing services.

“The FDIC may be pressuring banks to dissuade them from doing business with legitimate companies related to cryptocurrencies. “

According to Toomey, the FDIC is telling banks to “refrain from expanding relationships with crypto companies and refrain from making loans to crypto customers.”

In his letter, Toomey urged Martin Gruenberg, Acting Chairman of the FDIC, to account for these actions and that the FDIC cryptocurrencies He asked him to hand over documents pertaining to his work on it.

FDIC In his statement, he said:

“The FDIC has been consistent with longstanding regulatory authorities to ensure that banks engaged in cryptocurrency-related activities do so in a safe and sound manner that protects consumers.

Delay or avoid initiating crypto-related activities until audit feedback is considered.

Given the risks that are readily apparent in the crypto-asset markets, these are necessary and appropriate actions to take.”

As it will be remembered, the FDIC wrote in a letter addressed to banks or other institutions under its control in April. with cryptocurrencies had urged him to contact the FDIC before taking any relevant action.

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