The US Is Behind Bitcoin’s Rise, According To The Famous Chinese Billionaire’s Company

Markus Thielen, one of the executives of Matrixport, the asset management platform founded by the famous Chinese billionaire Jihan Wu, suggested that US institutions are one of the biggest stakeholders in the Bitcoin (BTC) rally.

In a research report published by Matrixport, the company Head of Research and Strategy Thielen, Bitcoin’s since the beginning of the year 40% of on increase in value and that this rally big a part of from the USA institutions he said he created it. Thielen shows the investment preferences according to the regions during the trading hours of the relevant regions. to transaction volumes It was detected by looking at big of the rally part of US trading hours stated between them.

thielen, 40% the upward movement 35% part of it took place during US trading hours, which means that the current rally of 85% part of US buyers He claimed he was pointing it out. Also, the president At Chicago Mercantile Exchange listed Bitcoin derivatives premiums increasingly that you rise and its effect on institutional investors’ Bitcoin futures products. showing your interest expressed.

Thielen states that institutions only spot not term While claiming that their interest in Bitcoin products has increased, from other actors incoming in a similar direction rhetoric also stood out.

Coinbase’s growing trading volumes and premiums also underlined Thielenon the individual side, the interest in Bitcoin has been renewed. come alive drew attention. As institutions enter the cryptocurrency markets first of all Bitcoin Pointing out that he made the investment, Thielen said, other in cryptocurrencies rally is possible implied.

If Bitcoin closes January like this from 40% end up with a massive increase best performance in 10 years will have exhibited. bitcoin, in January 2013 51% increase had lived.

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