The Trailer of the New Mode Coming to Hitman 3 Has Been Shared

Players who own Hitman 3 on January 26 will be able to get the new ‘Freelancer’ mode, which will be added to the game, for free. Let’s take a look at its features.

Hitman was restructured in 2016 and appeared before the players as a new trilogy and was able to gain acclaim in its new form. Hitman, the third most recent game released A new add-on pack was announced last year.

Freelancer Mode’ For this add-on named, developer IO Interactive has released a new trailer and shared the date the mod will come to the game. Let’s first take a look at the details of the mod and then find out the release date.

Hitman 3 Freelancer Mode releases on January 26

With this mod, Hitman 3 becomes a complete sandbox game. With Agent 47 before missions in Freelancer mode You will be able to schedule a task and you will be able to choose your own desired tooling. There will be no directions and only a photo of your target.

You will determine which actions you will perform with the elements on the map and in what order. even on the map You will even be able to gather information about the target or surrounding objects from NPC civilians.


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Let’s also mention that this mode will be released for players who own Hitman 3. How did you find the trailer of the mod, which will be released on January 26? Please do not forget to share your thoughts about the mod with us in the comments.

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