The Third Airdrop Wave Has Started in This Altcoin: Millions of Dollars Will Be Distributed!

The second largest scaling solution on Ethereum Optimismannounced its third major airdrop. Airdrop 3 was announced just days after Optimism distributed unclaimed funds from the first airdrop.

In Airdrop 3, Optimism allocated 19,411,313 OP tokens worth approximately $27 million. To the team according to31,870 unique addresses became recipients of Airdrop 3.

The airdrop started at 18:10 (UTC) on Monday, September 18. According to the report, OP tokens will be paid directly to eligible wallets in Airdrop 3.

Eligibility for Optimism Airdrop 3

There is no token request page for Airdrop 3. As a result, the OP warned community members about sites asking them to claim rewards.

Eligible participants for Airdrop 3 include users who delegated tokens between January 20 and July 20, 2023. Only users who transferred at least 180 OP tokens were eligible. Bonuses were given to addresses that voted at least once in on-chain offers during the eligibility period.

These addresses received a 2x multiplier for their rewards. To ensure fair token distribution, Optimism limited the airdrop to 10,000 OP tokens per address. Token distribution rewards Optimism users who support the governance of the network through delegation.

Why Airdrop Wave?

OP has committed to distribute 19% of the token supply via airdrop at its launch in June 2019. Airdrops aim to distribute tokens to addresses that positively impact the OP community.

OP has done three airdrops so far. However, more than 13% of the initial supply (approximately 570 million OP tokens) remains for future Airdrops. As we reported altcoin, currently trading at $1.41. It gained 4.93% value in the last 24 hours. According to DeFiLlama, Optimism has 190 protocols and a TVL of over $649 million on its network.

Source : The Crypto Basic

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