The Story of the 3D Pinball Game Space Cadet

Queue your favorite songs from Winamp and take your coffee with you. We look at the origin story of the Pinball game, which saved a generation from boredom in the absence of the internet.

Let’s go back to the early 2000s. Most of us with a computer Since the internet was not as widespread as it is these days when it first met, we had games like Solitaire and Minesweeper, apart from CDs. Especially at one Our Pinball There was a time when Pinball was to us what Chrome’s dinosaur game was to modern times.

As we mentioned, there are two facts about this game, which relieved our boredom at a time when the internet was not widespread, that you probably did not realize. First, we have this game on our computers for a long time. we can’t see. And second, this game is just a it was a demo.

Let’s start over first. How did this game come about?

Pinball or as its original name Space Cadetoriginally released as a development pack for Windows 95, not Windows XP Microsoft Plus! appeared with. So we first saw the game in 1995. Later, with the Windows XP version, it became widespread and settled in our minds as a legend.

You may not have noticed in the game, but at the bottom of our table, there are two inscriptions that appear to be ‘hidden’ in red.

When you look carefully Cinematronics and Maxis We can see your posts. Looking at the About tab, the game’s ‘Made for Microsoft by Maxis‘ he is writing. who created Maxis’ Sims games but later Electronic Arts Let’s say that it is a company that was closed by.

Prior to its acquisition by Maxis Cinematronics, maelstrom He had made a prototype Pinball game called In this game, the 3D rendered scene is placed on the Pinball table. at an angle mirroring it seemed rather unusual to the eye for that time. When Maxis discovered this, it bought Cinematronics.

But until the release of this game, lessons had to be learned from certain events.

The idea of ​​producing games with 3D graphics was quite foreign for the years 1994-95. But David Stafford A game developer named a game developer saw this as an empty place in the market and wanted to make a game for Windows 95 that would explode later.

Later, when he invited a few of his colleagues Cinematronics has been established.

The company, which initially made a two-dimensional action game, could not see the return of it, and it came out in 1993 and was seen as the ancestor of the FPS genre. DOOM revealed a ‘copy’ of the game. When this production, called Gluem, disappeared so that it would not bring the harsh restrictions and criticisms of Mortal Kombat and DOOM to Microsoft’s head at that time, the team started to work in 3D, as we know it. pinball turned to his game.

The game that comes on Windows operating systems and that we probably all play, is just a demo. So what’s the difference in the full version?

We talked about the red writings on the bottom of the table in the game before. In the full version, these texts will be more prominently displayed. to yellow it turns. Of course, that’s not the main difference. To the game, outside the table we know 2 new tables more being added. While one of them has a pirate theme, the other has a medieval theme.

In addition, the name of the full version of this game where more than one ball can enter the table. Full Tilt! pinball.

So what happened to this game and why is it not available in current operating systems?


Space Cadet demo of Windows XP 64 bit not available in versions. But the game’s files were still included in the operating system and you could install and play the game via command. At that time, Raymond Chen, who carried the 32-bit codes of Windows XP to the 64-bit version, created a game in this process. due to error He stated that the ball was constantly passing through objects and therefore did not work consistently.

But on the NCommander channel it was later proven that this was resolved. At the end of the day, Pinball is what we saw after Windows XP, unless we included Longhorn. from Windows Vista removed.

But why did they remove this game that everyone was enjoying?


Although there is no concrete reason for this issue, there are logical theories. For example, we know that with the arrival of Vista, Microsoft has made a graphics update to the stock games. But it wasn’t that easy for Pinball. because Microsoft didn’t make Pinball.

As we mentioned at the beginning, Pinball or Space Cadet, Cinematronics It was a demo developed by the company that showed what the game had to offer. So it was not so easy for Microsoft to develop graphics for this game.


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As a result, the company, instead of putting the workload here, is looking like a brand new company. Vista graphical aspect of the operating system grinning may have chosen to eliminate a game. Unfortunately, we can only talk about assumptions here. You can also share your own thoughts in the comments.

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