The Story of People Stranded at the Bottom of the Ocean for 3 Days

We will talk about two brave sailors, Roger Mallison and Roger Chapman, who were stranded at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean at a depth of 480 meters on August 29, 1973.

This event constitutes a story of survival unprecedented throughout history. Because we are talking about two brave men managing the process calmly while being stranded in the depths of the ocean for 3 days. The fact that the depth is almost 500 meters means that the sun’s rays only touch the surface of the water. that it could illuminate the first 200 meters If we think about it, it’s a pretty scary situation.

He also broke the world scuba diving record. Considering that it is 332 meters We can understand a little better the difficulties these two men faced. Let’s witness together the difficult moments experienced by Roger Mallison and Roger Chapman, who were trapped in this unfortunate incident.

Roger Mallinson, 85, gave an interview after the Titan submarine incident last month.

Exactly 50 years ago, Guinness World Records The world’s deepest underwater rescue operation As a result of a disaster while laying transatlantic telephone cables on the seabed, Mallinson and his team fell 480 meters below sea level.

Former British Royal Navy pilot Robert Mallinson, commenting on the disappearance of the Titan submarine, said: “This is terrifying!” He explained his past experience using the expression and stated that his fear was not unfounded.

Reliving this event, which he had personally experienced, over and over again was almost a trauma for him.

Pisces IV

On August 29, 1973Roger Mallinson, then 35, and co-pilot Roger Chapman, 28, were about to perform a routine dive off the coast of Ireland. Pisces III He was working on the telephone network with the submarine named. The submarine, which seemed to have no problems, suddenly lost altitude and began to descend into the depths of the ocean. Since both sailors were experienced, they managed the process calmly.

Pisces III

While they were preparing to return to their mother ship, a malfunction in the hatch caused the submarine to take on water. Pisces III dived rapidly with increasing weight, Mallinson described in a 2013 BBC interview. “They found cushions and curled up to avoid hitting the seabed.” had a moment. Mallinson added: “We managed to find a white cloth to put in our mouth to keep from biting our tongues off. “We were about 30 seconds from impact.”

They were trying to survive with one sandwich, a can of lemonade and limited oxygen.

Roger Mallinson

They were both trying to understand what was going on, unaware of where and how deep they were in the ocean. This situation, Communicating in silence and not moving It has also become a necessity. They would shake each other’s hands to let each other know that they were okay.

Many teams were assigned to the rescue operation carried out in cooperation with England, Canada and the USA. However, this operation would not be as easy as thought. When rescue ships are calledThey failed to bring Pisces III to the surface.

The whole world was holding its breath, waiting for good news from them.

pisces submarine

They were rescued by a U.S. Navy submarine called CURV-III using the rope used to pull Pisces III to the surface. When they were rescued, they only had 12 minutes of oxygen left, and they knew they would die when that ran out. But despite everything, a miracle happened and Pisces III It was successfully brought to the surface on September 1, 1973. This incident was recorded in the Guinness World Records as the deepest and most successful underwater rescue operation in history.

pisces submarine

Mallinson states in his statements that it took exactly 84 hours for them to be rescued. While trying to survive without enough food and oxygen is quite difficult He also states that he couldn’t believe he was rescued until the door opened.

“I realized we were rescued when the dolphins disappeared.”


Surrounding them from the moment they were stranded The dolphins stood around the submarine for 84 hours. Saying that they realized something was wrong, Mallinson states that he believed that thousands of dolphins were rescued when he saw that they were not there.

Also before diving “by chance” He adds that he stole a bottle of oxygen and that this oxygen was the only thing that saved their lives. Because when they were rescued, there were exactly 12 minutes for the oxygen to run out.

His traveling companion, Roger Chapman, passed away in 2020.

roger chapman

Sailors who spent 3 full days under the sea, After their liberation on September 1, 1973 A similar incident occurred years later. The depth where the wreck of the Titanic, which has been on the agenda in recent months, was found was approximately eight times deeper than the depth discovered by the Pisces III submarine 50 years ago. While commenting on this incident, Mallinson said that the chances of being rescued were very low.

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