The Series of Accidents of the World’s Most Dangerous Aircraft “TU-104”

The Soviets in the 50s were far behind the West in aviation, and they wanted to take a big step to close this gap. The planes in which they combined jet and passenger planes would turn into a nightmare rather than a revolution.

Aviation was quite developed in the 1950s. The use of commercial aircraft became widespread and people He could travel more easily. In fact, this was more the case in the West and the Soviets were a little further behind. Of course, they came up with a plan to close this gap.

Airplanes that were the pride of the Soviet Union and could fly faster and farther were produced. It was a testament to Soviet technology. However, although it looked perfect from the outside, there were some serious problems. The planes were caught up in a strange series of events.

One of the booming areas in the 1950s was commercial aviation.

In the 50s, it was safer, faster and more comfortable to take a plane to go from one place to another. From one continent to another reach in just a few hours It was possible, or half the world could be traveled in less than 24 hours. At least that was the case on the Western sides.

Flying in the Soviet Union was completely different. On aircraft design a few generations back they remained. They were less comfortable, smaller, couldn’t fly as far, and were slower.

To go from one place to another It was necessary to constantly stop and get fuel. As you can imagine, in a country like the Soviet Union, this was a serious problem and a new plan was needed.

Instead of catching up with the West, which they fell behind, they decided to follow a new path.


Famous aircraft designer from the Soviet Union when jets appeared around 1952 Including Andrei Tupolev The whole world was very impressed. He intended to use these jets to carry Soviet aviation into the future. Thus, flight times would be greatly reduced.

Tupolev told senior Soviet leaders only Promise to build a jet within three years He had given it. With this newly designed aircraft, it was planned to prove to the whole world that the Soviet Union was as advanced as the West.

The plane was a combination of a jet plane and a passenger plane.


The fact that it was designed and implemented in just three years raised many questions in mind, but of course it did not receive such a response in the press. of the Soviets with a technologically superior design It was touted that it was ahead of the West.

In 1956, problems began to arise. Compared to other aircraft It was difficult to fly. It weighed too much and its wings were too big.

Stopping was another problem. Pilots had difficulty controlling the plane and He didn’t want to use the plane but the complaints were not taken into account by the Soviet authorities.

In 1958, things began to happen that could no longer be ignored.

Plane crashes

In February a CSA 104 entered turbulence and both The engine also caught fire. Without the engine, there was no power left in the plane and the plane fell from 6000 meters.

About a month later another CSA 14 aircraft flew much higher than it should have, He climbed over 12 thousand meters and the pilots could not control the plane. When the plane finally stopped, it started to fall to the ground before the pilots could take control.

In August, one of the planes floating in the sky stopped. Pilots too He could not control the plane and there was no one who survived this accident.

Two months after this incident, another CSA 104 plane flying between Beijing and Moscow had an accident. It was FINALLY clear that there was a problem with the planes, but while they were investigating the problem They continued flying!

Even though there were so many accidents in a short time, passengers were still carrying on.

soviet aircraft

Those who investigated what was wrong with the plane noticed that the pilots could not resist the upward air currents. Also, aircraft from bombardment fragments was produced.

Large pressurized cabin, depending on how the aircraft is loaded It tended to shift the center of gravity backwards. Pilots were helpless when going up, as there was a natural tendency to rise upwards and the planes were not strong enough to resist this force.

As a result of these investigations Some security measures have been taken and aircraft were prohibited from flying above a certain altitude. However, the precautions did not prevent accidents and a new accident occurred in 1959.

The aircraft that the Soviets tried to develop to prove themselves cost the lives of dozens of people.

interesting plane crashes

No matter how many corrections were made, the desired result was never achieved and accidents continued to occur. produced One in every five aircraft It was destroyed due to an accident.

While there is no victory won There were lives lost. Because of its bad reputation, no one wanted to ride it anymore. In fact, a song was written for the plane and the lyrics were as follows: TU-104, the best plane in the world, will get you there in just five minutes. to the cemetery takes away.

TU-104, according to what is known 144 people It had cost him his life. The Soviets, on the other hand, learned a lesson for the planes they would later design, and the deadly TU-104 book was thus closed.

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