The rise of AVAX does not stop! surpassed the Shiba Inu

Avalanche (Avax) continues to rise. bitcoinn price for the last two weeks 57-60 thousand dollars stuck in between. This tide, which negatively affected the entire market, did not have much effect on the AVAX price. Continuing to rise rapidly in recent weeks AVAX, with market value, shiba inu managed to get past the barrier. Even a record-breaking and $147 also see AVAX price with market value dogecoinHe even passed and sat in the tenth row.

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British giant Manchester City was preparing for a sponsorship partnership in order to add a new one to its revenues. This time, however, he slammed into hard rock.

Bitcoin price is falling, why is AVAX price rising?

Avalance is one of the few cryptocurrency projects that has its own network. Mainnet project September 2020After this date, AVAX started to increase, although it stopped occasionally. last year price 4 dollars around AVAX price today record It broke and rallied as high as $146, an all-time high.

At current market value top ten cryptocurrencies AVAX, which tries to get between 29 billion dollars It has slightly over market value. ranked tenth dogecoin if 30 billion dollars It is just ahead of AVAX with its market value. During the day, AVAX took the eleventh place with this big leap. shiba inu well SHIBalso passed. shiba inu if AVAX failed to respond to the record leap and its market cap is currently $24 billion around.

AVAX price One of the main reasons for the rise is one of the founding partners. Emin Gur SirerBased on a post by . According to this Delolite with Avalanche network An important agreement was signed between Deloitte is one of the world’s largest international companies offering accounting, auditing, tax and management consultancy services.

The company, which is especially known for the research reports it publishes, is for the disaster relief platforms it is establishing. Avalanche network partnered with. Avalanche network It describes itself as the first smart contract network capable of delivering sub-second transaction speeds. Emin Gür Sirer, which he says is both very fast and reliable, Avalance network Because of these features Deloitte announced his preference.

After this post five days ago, AVAX price, Bitcoin price Despite the fluctuation, it continued to rise. One of AVAX’s goals is to be number two in the cryptocurrency market. In other words, two giants such as BNB and Ethereum have already caught their eye on AVAX.

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