The presenter spoke of “my jihad” – Islamism scandal at WDR – domestic politics

Great excitement about the WDR presenter! The doctor Nemi El-Hassan (28) is to moderate the WDR science magazine “Quarks” from October.

The problem: a few years ago, the funk journalist made common with Israel haters – and relativized Islamist violence.

For example, El-Hassan tells in an educational video from the “Federal Agency for Civic Education” (BPB) from 2015 what she understands by the word “jihad”. The terror meaning of the word is only “a misinterpretation” by self-appointed “Islam experts” in order to “harbor prejudices”. El-Hassan said that “my jihad” means “being kind”, “working” and “being patient”.

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The Islamic scholar Dr. Abdel-Hakim Ourghi (53) to BILD: “That is an absolute relativization. Jihad as a fight against unbelievers – such as Jews and Christians – was practiced by the prophet as early as 624, when he fought against those who think differently. “

▶ ︎ But that’s not all. Photos show that El-Hassan took part in the Berlin Al-Kuds march in 2014: an anti-Semitic hate speech event that attacked Jews who were wearing kippa and called for the annihilation of Israel.

The WDR stood behind the journalist at BILD’s request. The broadcaster pointed out that the BPB video was “out of context” and “6 years old”. In the full article, the editors could “see no relativization.”

The WDR did not want to comment on participation in the Al-Kuds March. El-Hassan was unavailable for comment.