The Original Ending of The Walking Dead Revealed

The planned finale of The Walking Dead, which has locked people on the screen for more than a decade, turned out to be very different from the finale we saw on the screens.

Continuing for 11 seasons the Walking DeadWhile saying goodbye to the screens with the finale he made in the past days, new series set in the same universe that will replace him were also announced. If the original ending of the series had been chosen, these spin-offs probably wouldn’t have happened.

Recently in charge of the directory Angela Kang’s As he explained, normally the finale of the series would have been different, but the finale changed during the production process. While the publishers of the series planned a different ending, the original ending that the producers of the series presented was not published.

The Walking Dead could have ended like the comics

According to the information from the series team, the final planned, like in the comics it would end in a time warp and end with scenes featuring a new generation of heroes. This ending would both be a reference to the comics and connect the story of the series with the first episodes. The description is as follows:

“After Daryl left, he took the camera outside of Atlanta. to Parkway Road We turned it around—where Rick’s iconic scene was filmed in the pilot episode. We would see an ethanol-modified van with a young man and woman in the front seats (in their twenties). And throughout this scene these people are adults. RJ and Judith We will understand that. Other adult versions of the kids are in the back – Coco, Gracie, etc. They are there, waiting to take the other survivors back to their community. They continue the legacy of their parents. As RJ spoke on the radio, he said, “Answer me if you can hear me. I’m Rick Grimes.” (Of course it’s called – and Rick’s line in the pilot.) Then we end with a survivor’s voice: “…Hello?”

Although this last promising and satisfying though, the publishers did not prefer this ending. It is claimed that the reason for this situation is to prepare the ground for new series, as well as the fact that the audience does not want to make an ending with characters they do not know. Do you think the planned ending could have been better?

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