The number of base stations damaged in the earthquake has been announced!

Turkey continues to heal the wounds of the earthquake. On the fifth day of the disaster, while the rescue efforts are still continuing, efforts are underway to meet the needs such as basic food and communication. As you know, communication has become a big problem especially in the region. Damages at base stations and disruptions due to congestion made it difficult for both teams and those under the wreckage to communicate. Finally, he shared the latest situation regarding Turkcell, Türk Telekom and Vodafone base stations. Here are the details…

Over 1,400 have been repaired and reactivated!

According to the joint statement made by Turkcell, Türk Telekom and Vodafone, there were 8,900 base stations in the region. Like many structures, some of these stations were damaged during the earthquake. 1400 of them were damaged and became unusable. When density was added to this very serious number, communication was seriously damaged. So far, 90 percent of these stations have been repaired. The entire statement is as follows:

The operators, who were affected by the earthquake, which deeply saddened our country, with their employees and technical equipment in the region, have been working since the first day to increase their communication capacity. After the earthquakes, the operators, who sent personnel and necessary equipment to all relevant provinces because their employees in the region were affected by the earthquake, worked to bring the interrupted base stations into working condition while making damage assessments.

The Ministry of Justice took action: Investigation into those responsible for the buildings destroyed in the earthquake!

The Ministry of Justice took action: Investigation into those responsible for the buildings destroyed in the earthquake!

The Ministry of Justice announced that an Earthquake Crimes Investigation Bureau would be established for the destroyed buildings.

On the other hand, like many buildings severely damaged and destroyed by the earthquake, the base stations were also destroyed, and communication was interrupted due to factors such as the lack of electricity supply. In order to revive communication, operators reinforced their personnel in the region with employees from other provinces, provided mobile base stations to replace the destroyed base stations, and provided generators and mobile energy resources from all over Turkey for existing base stations experiencing power outages.

All communication in the region via social media applications has been provided by the infrastructures of our member operators. Although the base stations that are de-energized, destroyed and severely damaged make it difficult to provide full capacity service in the region, many alternative studies have been carried out. The improvement works carried out so far in the region within the framework of the conditions affecting the whole of Turkey such as logistics, weather opposition and the destruction in the region are as follows:

  • Out of 8,900 base stations in the region, more than 1,400 damaged and inoperable in the earthquake were repaired and put back into operation. 90% of the base stations in the region are in service.
  • The total number of generators sent to the region to meet the energy need is over 3,500.
  • A total of 241 mobile base stations have already been dispatched to the region in order to compensate for the absence of damaged and unusable base stations in the region. Mobile base stations provide a common communication infrastructure and meet the needs of citizens in different locations at the optimum level by our members.
  • A total of 1,830 field workers are on duty 24/7 to ensure the continuity of communication in the region.

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