The New Trend in Business: What Is This Silent Restriction?

We are all familiar with concepts such as silent resignation and silent dismissal in business life. A new one has been added to these ‘silent’ poisons. We have started to hear the concept of “Silent Restriction”, which is a candidate to become the new nightmare of work environments, very often.

Earlier, from a coworker Even if you ask for help and ask a question on a subject that you know is authorized, Didn’t you get a clear answer? Moreover, I am sure that it was strange for him to say that he did not know about a subject, like your name, for which you are sure that he knows the answer.

The aforementioned ‘silent’ concepts have been on social media We see how much agenda it creates. Although these seem like new concepts, we learn how some situations that have been going on for years are called today, thanks to the undeniable power of social media.

He could have helped if he wanted to, he chose not to.

new you started a job and you are in the orientation process. At this stage, many of your coworkers may seem cute to you and He may have said that you can ask for help in any matter without hesitation.. When things get busy, for some reason you can’t see these people around you. Your coworkers will procrastinate youthey do not know the subject you ask and you can never reach a conclusion.

Sometimes you may even be insistent on going forward and begging to learn something. maybe they are just not available to you. Kahoot! spokesperson for the silent restriction, where employees do not share valuable information about the job with their colleagues and keep it to themselves. a new business trend defines as.

Kahoot! The research results among employees on the platform were one of the best examples of ‘silent restraint’.

Kahoot! published by the authorities in a reporteven though their employees have important job-related information, 58% of them had this information tends to hide from colleagues emphasizes that. This is pretty creepy data.

Kahoot! spokesperson says in an interview that “hiding important and valuable information about the job from other employees will negatively affect productivity at work.”

‘Generation Z’ is also at work at this point.

Coming from a system where all generations compete individually, everyone wants to secure themselves both in education and business. This is quite understandable. in any business environment in positions where our place can be easily filled Even if we do our job well, we can feel on edge because of an endless competition.

Tendency to consciously keep information to oneself However wrong it may be, this situation usually develops naturally. In the studies carried out, Generation Z, with 77%, of the group most prone to perform silent restraint turned out to be. Today’s new generation of adults have their guard up against the competition in the business environment.

It’s a problem that affects the uninterrupted progress of things.

In an era where the bread is much deeper than the lion’s mouth, perhaps we can empathically understand the reasons for silent restraint. However situations that should not be included in professional business life It is not difficult to deduce that it is. Experts are at the forefront of what causes this situation. remote working models emphasizing that.

We are not in the same environment, so there is a bond and a bond outside of work. We have the potential to easily spend people with whom we do not share. Silent restraint is at high levels even among those working in the same work environment, while silent restraint among remote workers is somewhat innocent.

The biggest damage is written to companies and companies.

Unfortunately, there is no winner in this business. And for the mob that hides knowledge and uses it for themselves. individual success and achievements are short-term is happening. Because as a result of the silent restriction, the companies and companies we work with are actually the biggest hit.

In such business environments where egos collide, it is inevitable that areas of dominance will turn into battlefields.

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