The most used password of Samsung users revealed

In a study conducted by Nordpass, the most preferred password by Samsung users was announced. The fact that the password is so popular and the results of the research revealed that Samsung device owners do not take much precautions in terms of security. So, which password do Samsung users use the most and why? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Samsung owners use samsung password the most

According to Nordpass’s research, Samsung users are the most “samsung” Turns out he preferred his password. As a result of the research conducted in more than 30 countries, the popular password, which was in the 198th place in the previous years, rose to the 78th place in the last two years. The fact that the letters of the “samsung” password, which is so popular because it has seven letters, are uppercase or lowercase, does not constitute a plus in terms of security.

Still, the word “password” ranks first among the passwords most used in electronic devices such as smartphones or computers in general. Behind this comes 12345, 123456789, guest passwords in order.

Netflix exaggerated the password sharing measure!  Don't be surprised if he asks for a DNA test

Netflix exaggerated the password sharing measure! Don’t be surprised if he asks for a DNA test

Netflix, which has been developing barriers for password sharing for a long time, decided to introduce biometric measures.

To summarize, electronic goods owners should not include the brand of their device in the password, like Samsung. Because this type of password is already used by most people. In addition, research companies explain that a seven-digit password will be decrypted in seven seconds, while an eight-digit password will be decrypted in seven minutes.

How to create strong password?

  1. Combinations with personal information prevent the formation of strong passwords, so make combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters and @, ;, %, &, /,! Adding special characters that are not used frequently in daily life, such as, forces the guesser.
  2. Adding foreign words other than the owner of the account or the native language of the device in passwords provides strong password formation.
  3. Using a combination similar to a password on another account or device prevents the creation of a strong password for security.

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? What are your tactics to create a strong password combination? You can express your views in the Comments section.

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