The Most ‘Honorless’ Characters in Game History

The characters on this list proved their ugliness both in the background of the games and actively before our eyes.

As in movies and books, in games There are traces that occupy or will occupy space in our lives. These traces can be left from a character, event or a place in the game. For example with Arthur Morgan your journey; It may have left you with confidence problems, depression and anxiety, which we as players will not complain about.

Leaving Morgan aside, there are such characters in the games that we are confused by the events they have done or caused.uglyengraved as ” and each our hatred he won. As your editor due to some limitations While I can’t completely pour my heart out about these characters, my only warning is to be prepared for spoilers.

The Most Honorless Characters in Game History

Words are not enough… Micah Bell

The cheesy villain of Red Dead Redemption 2 Micah, is not liked by the actors so much that even the voice actor declared that he did not love him and was shocked when he learned what he had done. Of course here to Peter Blomquist I have to give it justice, but a character has to work hard to get this much hate. Micah is already working day and night to compromise his honor.

Let’s put Micah Bell aside, here’s the big one: Edgar Ross

Edgar Ross may be difficult to recognize by name, but he of the RDR series He plays a key role in both games. a corrupt detective Edgar Ross, completes the task of catching the outlaws assigned to him by having another outlaw do it. Of course, the work does not end here. After about 18 hours of adventure on the player’s side, Ross does not leave this outlaw alone. RDR fans will understand how the above image is a turning point.

Not to forget the Tenpenny of GTA San Andreas:

who is actually a pretty ordinary police officer in terms of rank in Los Santos. Frank Tenpennyshowed us what a corrupt cop can do. Although we took care of the funny part and talked about the jobs he gave us, we should not forget that he is a cruel and hopeless person. Tenpenny is someone who picks fights between gangs, takes credit for drug dealing, and recklessly kills colleagues who talk about it to the authorities.

Also, he is a real-life police officer. Rafael Perez Let me tell you it’s adapted. Ptores When you look at it, it is not remembered well.

From here we move on to the Mortal Kombat series: D’Vorah is not to be mentioned.

  • Video may be sensitive for some

Normally, you can look at a character and say “What good could come of this?It would be unreasonable to say. But D’Vorahdoes whatever it takes to deserve this sentence. He plays a role in the death of your favorite Mortal Kombat characters, oscillates between good and evil according to his own interests and cannot start the day without ruining at least 1 person’s life.

The reason for doing this isHivethe profit of the insect community named ”. In this context, you may agree with him, but given the events in the Mortal Kombat universe, D’Vorah is only in the eyes of most players. selfish is referred to as.

It would be a shame if it wasn’t on the list: General Shepherd

many people Modern Warfare 2 engraved in his mind despite not playing and ghost killing your character General Shepherd, especially garnered the hatred of the fans. Although many people only knew Ghost because he was dead, the General had also refreshed his place in our minds with his other actions.

When we started Dishonored, Lord Regent made us say “if only we could take a breath”:

Now sit down and think; the queen’s counselor You are in a position and the people are grappling with a plague. The surrounding cities have built walls around your city to prevent the spread of the plague. Your people are confined to homes or turned into zombie-like beings. Think of some “I guess I was looking for a solution” may have come, but Hiram Burrows doesn’t quite agree with it.

Instead, “what should I do?” day and night. thinks the queen assassination target and makes the royal guardian responsible for it. Burrows, who tortured him for months, eventually sends a child-aged princess to a brothel, but – fortunately – just to stay there. After that, he takes power with his other partners and goes to the rich people. to organize partiesThey continue to kill those left behind.

“I got Gengar cheap from a sucker…” Mindy from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum:

In these games of Pokemon, Mindy is actually an NPC with whom you can trade Pokemon. When you go to him, Medicham named Pokemon with haunter It asks if you want to trade it. For those who don’t know, this is actually a very profitable exchange. For, Haunter, who later became quite powerful, to Gengar is evolving.

And we say to ourselves, “nice, let’s do it”. Later, Mindy asked, “Did my Haunter turn into something? Ha! It was a joke“She mocks us. Because to Gengar before we give him the Haunter we bought in hopes we’ll turn it over. Everstone He gave his stuff. This prevents Haunter from evolving. So we both became one of our pokemon and got scammed. For Mindy, we could have explained our feelings in a few paragraphs, but unfortunately our editorial limits do not allow this.

Irene Engel, one of the brutal characters of the Wolfenstein series:

  • May be annoying for some

It would not be wrong to say that this character, also known as Frau Engel, did not leave what he did to both our main character and his friends. in the Nazi dystopia In the last Wolfenstein series, Engel does not hesitate to brutally murder anyone who is not a superior race. Even shying away from it that you enjoy We can even say.

Even his daughter, who is overweight for him, is constantly scoldingwho humiliated him and sometimes used violence. ObstacleHe does this not only because his daughter is overweight, but also because he is a nice person. As we can see from the series, although Engel does not die, he finally gets the place he deserves.

We shouldn’t have experienced this betrayal at such a young age: Lance Vance


Throughout the game in GTA Vice City by Sonny Forelli We are trying to collect his money and stand on our own feet. Meanwhile Lance Vance A man named also helps us and makes it possible for us to get certain things done. This character, for whom we celebrated, grieved together, and even rooted the gas to prevent his death, actually did not deserve our compassion at all.

Lance’s role is not limited to Vice City. his despicable acts Vice City Stories in the game through his brother’s eyes we witness. No actor remembers this character who never gets tired of betrayal.

Finally: Blacksmith in Metin2

Metin2 blacksmith

Now they take the people’s money and burn their belongings. not refunding the money -it sounded familiar when you said it like that- We’re not going to remember Demirci well. This man left us so helpless; We had to try different servers, it didn’t work. Just as we were wiping his forehead, we said let’s press it, but it didn’t happen again. trust issues The ears of these tradesmen, who caused us to live, did not ring less in the past.

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