“The Most Beautiful Car” of 2022 Announced

At the International Automobile Festival, the jury chose the most beautiful car of 2022. The award went to France-based automaker DS. The company’s model 4, which will come to Turkey in 2022, was named the most beautiful car of 2022.

Organized for the 37th time this year at the International Automobile Festival The jury chose the most beautiful car of 2022. In the statements made by the jury, that the most beautiful car of the year is DS 4 expressed. With this award, French automaker DS won the “most beautiful” award for the seventh time in the last eight years.

Explanations on the subject, DS Automobiles Design Director Thierry metrosis It was done by. Metro,”The Most Beautiful Car of the Year award is an award given to all employees who created the DS 4. We worked with our engineers for two years to model the car’s technical platform before moving on to the drawing phase. When we started the design process, we had quite a wide range of motion to come up with a new concept. Inspired by the DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept, which was awarded by the International Automobile Festival again last year, DS 4 has so far been It has a unique design in its segment with its unprecedented proportions.. The design of the car is expressed by athletic, extremely muscular and compact lines placed on large wheels. It is aerodynamic, efficient and charismatic.‘ he said.

Introducing DS 4, the most beautiful car of 2022

DS 4, which will be released in 2022, really has a unique structure, as Thierry Metroz said. Stuck between car, SUV and hatchback in terms of design, the vehicle is at first sight. fascinates itself. Matrix LED headlights, the winning strip of LEDs extending to the bottom of the bumper and dual color structure Then, the overall design of the vehicle is completely different from its counterparts. By the way; Let’s also mention that the finely structured lighting and dual exhaust outlets at the rear of the vehicle add a different atmosphere to the DS 4.

DS 4

DS is a company that focuses on cars with premium features. We clearly see the meaning of luxury in the DS 4 as well. Because when we look inside elegance with simplicity We witness it coming together. Alcantara fabric cover, ambient lighting, button-shaped gear, with digital display screen embedded in console The multimedia screen appears as the details in the interior design of the DS 4.

DS 4

In 2022 model DS 4 180 hp accompanying the gasoline engine 110 hp It has an electric motor. This electric motor offers the vehicle a range of around 50 km. From here, you can understand that the engine type of the vehicle is hybrid. On the other hand; in the vehicle DS Drive Assist 2.0 while providing the user with a semi-autonomous driving experience DS Active Scan Suspension technology, on the other hand, manages the suspension of all wheels independently. This provides exceptional comfort for both the driver and passengers.


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