The mistake that will break the secret of the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie!

Spider-Man: No Way Home, by no means leaves its place on the agenda. As we approached the end of the year, the production, which was among the most curious movies, showed itself with an interesting detail. It is possible that a product printed for marketing and advertising purposes has spoiled the whole secret of making it.

The event that erupted on social media may also change expectations for the film. Because, thanks to this mistake, which is the most concrete evidence in the hands of the fans, the big secret is revealed.

Disney will spend record money in 2022!

Disney will enter 2022 quite aggressively. According to the report, the company will spend a record amount of money this year.

Spider-Man: No Way Home theories turn out to be true?

twitter A fan who shared on Facebook came across an interesting detail in one of the promotional products. In the product with a poster about the movie Tom Hollandanimated by Spider-Man character is kept in the foreground, while at the back Tobey Maguireanimated by Spider-Man viewed.

The Twitter user, who also made a video on the subject, claimed that the pictures were not fake. with this Tobey maguire And while there was no explanation from the studios, an increase in the excitement of the fans was observed. This image, which is a significant evidence of the rumors that have been circulating since the name of the movie was announced, also confirms many theories.

On the other hand, the poster in the shared image Marvel or SonyIt is not certain whether it produced or not. Because the company that produces the promotional product actually belongs to an organization that sells pet goods. Bark Box It is not yet clear whether the company, named firm, consulted the studios while preparing the poster. While a statement on the subject did not come from the company side, there are people who comment that this silence increases the accuracy of the leaks.

17 December will be released on Spider-Man: No Way Home The countdown has now begun. Only 2 pieces The production, in which the trailer was shared, has turned into a minefield, so to speak. Sony and MarvelThe news that ‘s will not share more trailers to avoid any deficit is circulating on the internet. The production, in which new information emerges in almost every detail, puts the studios in very difficult situations. Because even from pet stores, theories about the movie can be produced.

How many Spider-Man do you think we’ll see in the movie? What are your predictions about this? Do not forget to share your views with us.

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