The listing from the South Korean Giant Stock Exchange sent the Altcoin Price Soaring by 47 Percent!

Bithump, South Korea’s 2nd largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it will list a new altcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) And Ethereum (ETH) transactions lag behind altcoin volumes South Korea’s giant stock exchange from Bithumb Listing news has arrived for Pyth Network (PYTH).

According to the announcement made by Bithumb on its official website on February 27 PYTH is on the stock market today will be listed.

In the statement made by the stock exchange, PYTH deposits are made only Solana mainnet It was stated that it would be open for Bithumb also warned against transfers from other networks.

PYTH to South Korean Won (KRW) While it is stated that it will be opened for trading at parity, after the listing process in question, investors will be able to PYTH/KRW in trading pair purchase and sale will be able to.

According to CoinGecko data, PYTH was released with the listing announcement by Bithumb. 47% from $0.54 with increase for $0.798 reached. PYTH, at the time of writing from $0.792 is being traded.

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