The Legendary Game of an Era Metin 2 is Removed from Steam

Metin 2, which locked us all behind the computer for a while and alienated many of us from the ‘blacksmithing’ profession, is being removed from Steam.

Once upon a time, MMORPG games had a huge explosion and Metin 2 was one of the games at the center of this explosion. had happened. Especially Metin 2, which many of us could not get rid of in childhood, It came to Steam in 2017.

Many of us were quite excited at that time and even started the game again. However, the game Expectations were high when it came to Steam. Unfortunately, most of the expectations were not met and the number of players in Metin 2 continued to decrease.

Steam says goodbye to Metin 2

As we said before, many of us grew up with Metin 2. For this reason, when there is a new development about the game, we can look at it from a different perspective and hope. of the game We had some hopes when it came to Steam. However, while we were waiting for new developments, news came that the game would be removed from Steam.

As of today, with a statement published on Steam’s Metin 2 page, the game’s It will be removed from the platform on August 18 and new registrations cannot be made on Steam from today. announced. We hope to see Metin 3 or a similar new game added to Steam soon.


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