The Last BTC Forecast of the Analyst Who Knows Critical Bitcoin Levels!

Cryptocurrency investors have been waiting for the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) to rise for a long time. Although many investors hoped for a bull run with the $ 29,000 level in the past days, BTC could not overcome the resistance and again fell below the $ 29 thousand level. However, experts make critical predictions for the leading cryptocurrency. DonAlt, who was successful in his predictions for Bitcoin before, pointed to these levels for BTC! Here are the details…

Analyst DonAlt, who is famous for his predictions for Bitcoin, has announced his new predictions!

Cryptocurrency analyst DonAlt, who accurately predicted the rise in early 2023, stated that higher levels will be recorded for Bitcoin (BTC) soon. In his statements to more than 473 thousand followers on Twitter, the analyst predicts a 32 percent rise from the instant $ 28,500 level. The analyst’s statements are as follows:

Bitcoin (BTC) has changed the regions a little bit. Overall it looks ridiculously good. It’s pretty funny that the high rate of FUD and Twitter panic over the past week didn’t show up on the chart. This means that many investors are showing great interest in BTC. As we quoted last week, following the flaming lawsuit between the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Binance, analyst DonAlt referred to the accusations brought against Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and former chief executive Samuel Lim of the company. The analyst stated that Bitcoin will continue to rise if it maintains the low level of $ 26,500, which was determined after the sanctions actions that emerged with the leading crypto money exchange Binance. The analyst’s words on FUD and BTC are as follows:

The most important structure instantly is the one we built on the Binance FUD news. If it fails to maintain this structure and loses, it will be the first time for BTC to rise to new lows with bad news during this rally. Would that be enough for me to think that as long as this structure is maintained we will calm down for a while? Just up.

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Leading cryptocurrency analyst shares critical levels for BTC

While the price of Bitcoin was instantly at $ 28,386.39, the famous analyst also determined important price levels for BTC and stated that Bitcoin will rise to the price level of $ 37 thousand. At the levels identified by the analyst, the resistance level is located at $28,900, while the support level is located at $28,000. However, noting the breaking point, the name pointed to the $25,200 level, while pointing to the $37,700 level as highs for Bitcoin.

On the other hand, one of the main reasons why the popular analyst is on the rise in Bitcoin (BTC) is explained as the fact that the leading cryptocurrency has been subjected to harsh criticism from those who are anti-crypto, along with many bad news in the industry. The analyst’s words on the subject are as follows:

The end of the bad news is the best argument for a massive upswing. We destroyed every company, every reputation, every bad news. The whole industry is ridiculed and yet the BTC price is at 2x the low. What worse do they want to throw at us?
I can’t remember the last time we had such objectively bad news. Despite this, the price is rising.

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The popular crypto analyst had previously been successful in his predictions for BTC. As you may recall, the name, who stated that BTC will rise rapidly in the beginning of 2023, kept his predictions with the rise of the crypto money market in the beginning of 2023. However, many investors closely follow the comments made by the famous analyst.

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