The hike has come: Here are the Current TurkNet Prices

TurkNet, one of the most popular internet providers and following a single price policy, increased its service price by 47%. With the new hike, the internet price reached 249.90 TL.

One of Turkey’s most popular internet providers TurkNet, released a not-so-pleasant update to its users today. 139.90 for those with TurkNet infrastructure; The company that offers internet service to non-residents from 169.90 TL, announced the new fee as 249.90 TL.

In the message sent to TurkNet subscribers, it was stated that the new fee would be reflected on the invoice dated February 2023. In addition, with the hike, a different option was offered for those who want to be less affected by this hike.

10 months of internet can be paid with 199.90 TL/month:

If TurkNet subscribers do not want to pay a fee of 249.90 TL, they can pay the internet fee for the next 10 months in advance and pay the monthly fee. for 199,90 TL can use.

TurkNet: “Considering the market conditions, we had to make a price update in order not to compromise on our quality”

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