The Google Tensor processor has leaked with pretty ambitious features!

Google is one of the most powerful and innovative technology giants on the software side with the developments it has made for many years. However, the company, which is weak in terms of hardware, has made new products this year. With the Pixel 6 series He seeks to destroy this belief. Chinese social media platform WeiboJudging by the first information that appeared in , Qualcomm and Samsung are facing a very formidable competitor. Request Digital Chat Stationassertive that Google Tensor processor and properties:

Google Meet brought new options for employees!

Google Meet continues to facilitate the work life of employees with new background options. Two new features have been added to the service.

Google Tensor processor features and core structure revealed

Google, which first appeared last year, Processor codenamed White Chapel After the news, great excitement covered the whole technology world. But Google has a bad reputation for dropping hardware projects. The technology giant has made important purchases regarding the processor, which does not leave anything to chance.

Digital Chat Station, one of the biggest leak accounts in the Weibo world. The account, which has made quite reliable leaks so far, is now Google Tensor processor core reached its structure. Accordingly, the processor is in a high performance-oriented structure that has never been seen in any ARM-based processor.

Google Tensor processor and features shared by Digital Web Station

Processor introduced in 2020 Cortex-X1 It has not one, but two of its cores. However, these two cores 2.8GHz works at speed. These nuclei 3GHz We know you can get over it. In this sense, Google, to X1 kernels may have intervened to minimize the heating problem.

Although other core structures used in the processor are not clear, 2.25GHz two high-performance cores running at Cortex- A78. It is estimated that the four cores providing energy efficiency in the processor are Cortex-A55 and 1.8GHz has processing power.

What do we know about Google's Tensor processor?

What do we know about Google’s Tensor processor?

Google announced the Pixel 6 series with its announcement. Here is what we know about the Tensor processor innovation that stands out in the series.

Although the processor Snapdragon 888 Plus and Exynos 2100In a more muscular image than ., The new generation Exynos and Snapdragon processors will also have a similar core structure, presumably. The important thing here is that Google will not escape the competition in terms of hardware this time. Of course this processor Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro We won’t be able to see it outside. In this respect too Snapdragon 898 and Exynos 2200in this sense MediaTek will not face a formidable opponent.

Google Tensor processor features between FinancialG78 GPU graphics unit. by Samsung 5nm The processor produced by the fabrication process is also AMD RDNA2 GPU was allegedly used. While the initial leaks were a bit of a disappointment, Mali-G78 It is a very battery friendly and high performance mobile graphics unit.