The Feature to Make Stickers for WhatsApp Web Has Arrived

Almost everyone who uses WhatsApp thinks that they are taking advantage of the sticker feature from place to place. It is now possible to create stickers, which make our conversations more animated and funny when words are not enough, via WhatsApp Web, without leaving the application.

Being able to make your own stickers in WhatsApp is not a new feature, and there is a wide variety of third-party apps available for you to make stickers on both iOS and Android. However, this feature has beenr only phone app was valid for

now web version of WhatsApp, a built-in special feature that lets you turn ordinary images on your computer into stickers. ‘Sticker Maker’ Updated with (Sticker Creator). With the new update, we will now be able to make and use our own stickers on WhatsApp Web without the need for third-party applications and make our conversations more colorful.

Now you can make your own WhatsApp sticker without the need for third party apps

Property; In addition to WhatsApp Web in the next week to desktop apps it will come too. Considering that the new update is now possible for us to extract from the computer, this is extremely practical It can be said to be a feature.

What you need to do to use the feature is very simple and very similar to the phone:

  • Step #1: located at the bottom of your WhatsApp Web screen. paper clip (add) Click the icon.
  • Step #2: Select the symbol that says ‘sticker’ and find the image you want to turn into a sticker.
  • Step #3: Make the desired edits on the picture.

There’s a wide range of things you can do while preparing your sticker. To destroy the background You can draw an outline around the part you want to make a sticker, crop the image and add emoji, text or extra WhatsApp stickers on it if you wish. After you complete your sticker, you can select it and send it to the person you want with one click.

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