The explanation for the new episodes of Pokemon has come!

Since it first came out Pokémon It continues to be watched with curiosity all over the world for many years. Ash and Pikachu, who went on an adventure in 1997, are now preparing to say goodbye after 25 seasons. Netflix, Ash and PikachuHe gave a date for the new episodes from the farewell season of .

We’re nearing the end of Ash and Pikachu’s adventure

The Pokémon Company on Tuesday, Pokémon Unique Journeys: The SeriesNew episodes of ‘s on February 24 NetflixConfirmed that it will be published in . The platform, which previously broadcast 12 episodes from the last season, can also broadcast 12 more episodes in the same way.

While parts of the successful animation in English and other languages ​​lag far behind, JapanLet’s say that we are now towards the end of the season. That’s why Ash wanted so much in the Japanese episodes that aired first. pokemon master We learned that you have succeeded.

The end of an era in Pokemon!  Saying goodbye to Ash and Pikachu

The end of an era in Pokemon! Saying goodbye to Ash and Pikachu

With the 25th season of Pokemon, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, who became champions and reached their goals, bid farewell to the screens.

In season 25, Ash and PikachuThere are 51 episodes in total, including bonus episodes that reunite . PokémonAlthough no statement has been made about the second part of the 25th season of , we expect 12 more episodes to come. So it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to see Ash reach the trophy.

The second episode of season 25 is about Ash and his friend Goh. World Coronation Serieswill begin with its progression in and possibly Masters Eight Tournament It will end before it begins. The Pokemon company will also bring together Ash’s old friends for the farewell season. This is during the season. brock and MistyIt means we can see .

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Pokémon Unique Journeys: The Series When it ends, The Pokémon Company will release the starter pokemon we know from last year’s Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. Sprigatito, Quaxley and fuecoco together with the new heroes will say hello. Liko and Roy The new characters, which we will recognize as

Ash and PikachuIt’s pretty sad to say goodbye to . The new series is expected to start in 2023. So, you Pokémon And what do you think of the new episodes? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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