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The technological developments that have taken place today have come to a rather surprising position. One of them appeared in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. South Korean company Hyundaiits subsidiary 42 Dots through first driverless bus started its route. According to the information revealed, this bus journey does not cost anything.

Reservation required for self-driving bus

Hyundai has launched the first driverless bus for humans through its subsidiary 42 Dot. According to the news, the capital of South Korea last Friday in Seoul The bus took its first route. The total length of the driverless bus route in the Cheonggyecheon area is approx. 3.4 kilometers.

To get on this bus for free, you can use the mobile application. reservation need to do. After booking with the app, people should wait to board the bus at the two designated stops. The entire route is 20 minutes progress.

Russia is losing blood!  Controversial decision from Yandex

Russia is losing blood! Controversial decision from Yandex

Yandex, one of Russia’s largest technology companies, announced that it will manage its operations through the Netherlands.

Bus travel, which is currently free, makes some passengers feel uncomfortable. This is because the bus goes by itself. However, the driverless bus can describe many things in that it is covered with different technologies. Among them items in adjacent areas, traffic lights, pedestrians and obstacles is located. Also, the bus overtaking, avoiding obstacles and emergency braking capable of performing such tasks.

The appearance of the bus looks a little different from the normal buses. The new driverless bus has rounded edges and large windows. Jeong Seong-gyun, head of autonomous driving at 42 Dot, said that the design was done on purpose. Moreover “This is the future” said. In addition buses need a new design also stated that.

The driverless bus has started its journey!

That said, these models are made from composite materials that help cut costs and speed up mass production, he said. The company’s goal is technology cheap, safe and accessible make it a solution.

So, what do you think about the driverless bus? Do you think it is possible to do this in our country? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section!

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