The depreciation of second-hand smartphones became clear

Smartphones have become a necessity these days, and almost everyone, big or small, has at least one. However, the price of smartphones has increased recently, especially in flagship models, due to the economic problems experienced globally. For this reason, buyers try to prefer models that do not decrease in value when selling at the same time. A research company called Cupertino has detailed and revealed second-hand smartphone depreciation in a report it has published. So, which brands are not devalued? Let’s take a look at the news together.

Among smartphone models, iPhones are losing less value

In a study conducted by Cupertino on the depreciation of smartphones, it was revealed that iPhones lost less value. According to this report, any iPhone model loses much less value than the Android model in the same segment.

According to Cupertino, the top model of Apple’s penultimate series, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, lost only 44.6 percent despite being introduced a year and a half ago. The iPhone 14 Pro Max in its last series, on the other hand, lost only 27 percent after five months of its introduction.

Sales results of the 2022 smartphone market have been announced: The summit name did not surprise

Sales results of the 2022 smartphone market have been announced: The summit name did not surprise

In a report prepared by Canalys, the sales results of the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2022 were announced! The name was not surprising.

Cupertino’s general research results All iPhone models generally lose only 69 percent of their value. This rate is the biggest competitor 90 percent for Samsung. was determined as. This difference between the two technology giants was remarkable.

On the other hand, based on market values, it was a known fact that iPhone models lost less value than Androids in practice. But with the result of the research, it also emerged with numerical data. People who constantly follow innovations and make changes in smartphones prefer Apple products for this reason.

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? Which smartphone models do you think lose their value the least, and do you take this into account when purchasing? You can express your views in the Comments section.

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