The cause of the big problem in the first iPhone model has been revealed!

When it was released in 2007 first iPhone model It created great excitement. The iPhone, which contains important features, was also an important step for the smartphone world. But this groundbreaking phone Does not offer copy-paste feature received great criticism. A former Apple engineer finally spoke about this shortcoming.

Why didn’t copy-paste exist in the first iPhone model?

Ken Kocienda, who joined Apple in 2001, in the team that developed the first iPhone model was located. The successful engineer is finally the long-awaited copy paste problem explained the reason behind it. Kocienda, who shared a fun post on Twitter, attributed the reason for this problem to the lack of time.

Sending ‘first iPhone’ in Samsung’s new ad!

Samsung mentioned the first iPhone in the video it prepared to introduce the Flex Mode of Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 models.

Kocienda in her post first iPhone model stated that it did not have enough time to properly expose this feature before it was released. Former Apple engineer meanwhile the device is busy working on the keyboard, autocorrect and text functions, so to copy-paste function He said he didn’t have time.

Some time after the launch of the iPhone, the team copy and paste started working on its function. Apple introduced the copy-paste feature in iPhone models in 2009. iOS 3.0 started to offer.

Kocienda shares original iPhone He also shared other information about the model. Successful engineer zooms in when user’s finger hovers over it. “text magnifier”He said it was his own idea.

Kocienda on the first iPhone with text system He shared another interesting piece of information about it. Almost all texts on the first iPhone WebKit announced that it was supported by All editable texts WebKit-based stated that.

It was really interesting that the groundbreaking phone of that era didn’t have this kind of feature. With this sharing of Kocienda, this situation has also been clarified. So what do you think about the first iPhone model? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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