The Case Against Yusuf ‘Reynmen’ Aktaş Concluded

The case against Reynmen, a phenomenon known for her songs like ‘Derdim Olsun’, ‘Ela’ and ‘Angel’, as well as her personality on social media, has been decided today.

25-year-old social media phenomenon and singer known as ‘Reynmen’ for performing on tour Yusuf AktasThe organization company called Riba Events, which signed a concert agreement with Aktaş, made a payment of 200 thousand euros to Aktaş after the agreement. With the intervening of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions and bans on social activities, tour canceled had happened.

Upon the cancellation of the tour, the company demanded a refund of the money paid to Aktaş; In response to the negative responses of the phenomenon, he filed a lawsuit and demanded the repayment of 200 thousand euros. Here is Reynmen’s decision from that case today. against the decision has come.

It will repay the money at the highest rate of euro interest

The lawyers of the parties attended the hearing held at the Istanbul 20th Civil Court of First Instance today. Attorney of Riba Events Eda Salman‘of, “Since crowded organizations such as concerts were canceled due to the pandemic, Riba Event company demanded back the 200 thousand euyo that it paid to Yusuf Aktaş, who did not perform his concerts. Yusuf Aktaş responded negatively to the warnings. In order to prevent the company from losing damage, we want the collection of 200 thousand euros together with interest.” In the lawsuit he filed a petition saying, Aktaş’s 1-year maturity euro deposits valid from the day of the lawsuit were applied by public banks. with the highest rates of euro It was decided to pay 200 thousand euros together.


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Speaking about the outcome of the case, Salman said, “Although the court has not yet written its reasoned decision, Yusuf Aktaş will pay 200 thousand euros to my client with the highest interest. This decision is a force majeure event for organizations that could not be realized due to the coronavirus epidemic.p can constitute It’s a precedent decision” made a statement. On the other hand, if Yusuf Aktaş wishes, in the court of appeal do not object may also exercise his right.

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