The big day for OneUI 4.0 Beta has arrived!

OneUI, the user interface of Galaxy phones, to the new version getting ready to pass. Beta tests were a big stop for Samsung’s new software experience to reach us. Although we were a little disappointed with the news that the beta program was postponed last week, it was finally expected. OneUI 4.0 Registration for the beta program has started, albeit across 7 countries.

Apple releases iOS 14.8 update

Apple has released the new iOS 14.8 update, shortly before the stable version of iOS 15. The update focuses on security issues.

Applications for OneUI 4.0 Beta opened in 7 countries

Samsung as of today Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra for users Android 12 started to offer support for OneUI 4.0 Beta based on Applications are currently being received from the USA, UK, South Korea, China, India, Germany and Poland. Although applications from our country are not accepted yet, if you are residing abroad, you can apply through the Samsung Members application.

OneUI 4.0 Beta
OneUI 4.0 Beta

Samsung’s new operating system update brings some new features to users thanks to Android 12 at its base. The new version has great promises, especially in theme options and customizability. Android 12 is also the most ambitious customizability advantage. OneUI 4.0 We hope to see you one step further with. Because Samsung has been doing everything from notifications to icons for years. highly customizable trying to present.

OneUI 4.0 Beta
AR Emoji Studio

Another remarkable innovation that comes with the update is AR Emoji Studio. Using this application, you can create a special emoji for yourself through AR technology. It is also possible to use the emoji you have created on any corner of your phone from within a single application.

What are OneUI 4.0 compatible devices?

Currently only Galaxy S21 Series beta Although it is compatible for the version, all current models will support OneUI 4.0 when the stable version is switched to. According to our predictions, the models that will most likely support the update are as follows:

  • Galaxy S21 series
  • Galaxy S20 series
  • Galaxy Note 20 series
  • Galaxy Note 10 series
  • All foldable Galaxy phones
  • Current models of the Galaxy A series