The Best Romantic Animes To Watch

In terms of conveying emotions, animes do as well as TV series and movies. So much so that some animes are so emotionally charged that while watching, you can forget that it is fictional and get stuck in the realm of emotions.

The more you think about how fictional something is, the more difficult it is for you to be affected by it or get caught up in its atmosphere. can take away. The same is true in anime. watching you experiencing all kinds of emotions There are many anime that make you laugh and cry. How many such animes? loaded with drama Although it happens, drama is also in the nature of this business.

In terms of romance, we are on people. can evoke good feelings and the viewer will cause him to plunge into the realm of emotions We decided to prepare a list about animes and you can watch best romantic anime we compiled.

Top romantic animes:

  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
  • Ore Monogatari!!
  • Suki-tte Ii na yo
  • Kimi no Todoke
  • Kokoro Connect
  • Toradora!
  • nana
  • Lovely Complex
  • Spice and Wolf
  • Bokura ga Ita
  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

A high school student oscillating between different lives: Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!

Vision date: April 1, 2010
IMDb Rating: 8.0/10

Blending romance and comedy quite nicely, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! most cult one of the anime. Seika High’s student council president Ayuzawa Misaki’s after school “special” is a very entertaining anime about her life. This private life of Misaki was written by someone at her school. to be discovered It starts not to be so special with it. Leading different lives in and out of school, Misaki offers us a romantic comedy that is enjoyable to watch while she oscillates between her two lives.

The most heartbreaking version of the musical drama: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Vision date: May 15, 2015
IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, one of the best examples of romantic drama, with both its music and the story it tells. to break our hearts it definitely succeeds. piano genius Our story, which is shaped around the tragic life of Arima Kousei, who is known as our young man, really breaks our hearts while watching our young main character.

The story of the purest and most innocent romance: Ore Monogatari!!

Vision date: April 8, 2015
IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

You might have a romance purest and innocent version of Ore Monogatari!! breaks down preconceptions about appearance quite nicely. an anime. Gouda, who is afraid of people because of his appearance, changes the situation completely when he saves a girl named Yamako one day. On top of these events, the purest and most innocent romance story begins, and it follows a story that will make the audience laugh.

A story that sparks a cliché: Suki-tte Ii na yo

Vision date: October 6, 2012
IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Suki-tte Ii na yo, which technically contains a story similar to many teen romances, cliche In addition to being a game, it definitely makes the audience emotional while watching and makes this situation to forget An anime that provides. The story about the strange encounter of a classic lonely cute sweet girl with the handsome schoolboy and then the progression of the relationship between the two, the sweetness of the characters and “slices of life” It offers a nice anime to watch with the contributions of the theme.

A cult horror movie plagues a teenage girl: Kimi ni Todoke

Vision date: October 6, 2009
IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

Even though we have a classic single girl theme again, this time it’s a bit of a thing. tragicomic. Resembling a character in a horror movie We have a sweet girl character who is constantly misunderstood because of her. Of course, this girl character is a kind child, these events are completely ignoring Our bilateral relationship started when she contacted him. It is quite enjoyable to watch our young girl, who started to socialize completely differently from normal events, from being alone and walking around to a smiling face.

All kinds of friendship is beautiful theme: Kokoro Connect

Vision date: 8 July 2012
IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

Kokoro Connect, a little paranormal However, it has provided a very nice blend of friendship, romance and human relations. at first glance classical Although it seems like a youth romance, it will be discussed in the following chapters. deepening and the progression of events in a different directionprovides a scenario that is completely different from the expectations of the viewer. This story, which takes place between the 5 members of the cultural studies club, is about the young members getting to know each other better and some truths are revealed.

Both laughing and sad: Toradora!:

Vision date: October 1, 2008
IMDb Rating: 8.0/10

Despite his constant cold and repulsive behavior towards his beloved character, whom we call Tsundere, burning inside Toradora, where the character typing is the flag bearer, can be said to be a beautiful blend of romantic comedy. Our story between the Taiga and Ryuji duo from time to time make you laughat times human be upset It’s definitely an anime that doesn’t regret watching it.

A dark and psychological story: Nana

Vision date: April 5, 2006
IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Increasingly a heavy anime Nana, who is known for being where romance and drama flow an anime. Our anime, which is about the lives of 2 women who have the same names but completely opposite appearance, started with their roommates in Tokyo. give off a depressed mood it succeeds. But this is one of the features that makes Nana a very unique anime.

Proving that physical appearance is all talk: Lovely Complex

Vision date: April 7, 2007
IMDb Rating: 8.0/10

with its physical properties opposite each other The romance story of two young people who have This story, which sounds both funny and interesting at first glance, is really both funny and interesting. than an average girl Taller from Risa and an average man shorter Otani is a duo who is teased because of their physical features. But when romance is involved, the situation suddenly changes and the physical trait remains only on paper.

An ancient romance: Spice and Wolf

Vision date: February 10, 2006
IMDb Rating: 8.0/10

Spice and Wolf, which warms you up with an ancient fantasy romance story, relationship between a traveling merchant and a harvest goddess takes the subject. Although it may sound strange at first, you will get immersed as you watch. hot storyIt is perfect for those looking for a different taste with its unusual subject.

A classic romantic comedy: Bokura ga Ita

Vision date: July 3, 2006
IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

Characters who had a difficult start in friendship are now like cheese bread It’s gone in the anime world. This story between Nanami and Yano, who are also victims of the same scenario, is a very classic but also fun story. To a story that weighs heavily on romance although he does not have Bokura ga Ita is a very funny anime in terms of comedy.

An overly friendly guy chases after a nerdy girl: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Vision date: April 27, 2018
IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

Go after our mother-daughter, who is a news about socializing and always burying her head in lessons. interestingly friendly and emotionally volatile Haru hangs out. As you can guess from now on revel is not missing. However, Tonerari no Kaibutsu-kun, who tries to approach a classic subject as different as possible, is very popular with his characters. In addition, it is quite enjoyable to watch the characters try to get out of their character model.

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