The Best Nature Scenery Photos of 2021 Announced

The winning photographs and photographers of the Natural Landscape Photography Awards, organized for the first time this year, have been announced. Let’s take a look at the amazing winning frames from each category.

Although the world is home to magnificent landscapes, we unfortunately do not have the chance to see all these landscapes in a lifetime. But thanks to photographers, these images are shared with us in the highest possible quality. Although these photos don’t make you feel like you’ve been there, they show again and again how beautiful the Earth is.

This year, a brand new photography competition was launched, focusing on nature photography and awarding photographers. held for the first time of the Natural Landscape Photography Awards The winners were also announced today. Some of the winning photos show that Earth is a place filled not only with beauty but also with pain. The winners of the categories were as follows:

Winner of “Photographer of the Year”: Eric Bennett

Photographer of the Year award is given to the photographer who has the best 6 picture collections in the competition. Eric Bennettwas awarded $5,000, a Canon EOS R5 camera and a Shimoda Designs Action X Starter Kit as the winner of this category.

Photographer of the Year runner-up: Ben Horne

best landscape photos

Winner of the Photographer of the Year category Ben HorneAwarded with $1,000 and the Canon Pixma Pro 300.

Photographer of the Year third: Tobias Richter

best landscape photos

Third place in the category of photographer of the year To Tobias Richter No awards were given.

Photo of the Year: Steve Alterman

best landscape photos

Steve Alterman, was awarded a thousand dollars with this photo, a Canon Pixma Pro 300 and a Shimoda Designs Action X Starter Kit.

Young Photographer of the Year: Jai Shet

best landscape photos

Jai Shet, was awarded $500 for this photo, virtual Canon Ambassador lecture and Shimoda Designs Action X Starter Kit.

The Great Landscape: Michael Frye

best landscape photos

Michael Frye, was awarded $500 and the same Kit with this photo.

Sincere and Abstract: Franka Gabler

best landscape photos

Franka Gablerwon $500 and a Kit award for this photo.

Nightscape: Paul Hammett

best landscape photos

Paul Hammett, was rewarded with $500 and Kit for this photo.

Weather: Paul Hoelen

best landscape photos

Paul Hoelen, was rewarded with $500 and Kit for this photo.

Project: Matt Palmer with the ASH project

best landscape photos

Matt Palmer, was the winner of the category with this compilation of the dying forests and was awarded $ 1,000, a Canon EOS RP and a Kit.

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