Tesla waiting in the junkyard caught fire by itself!

Tesla models caught fire It has become something we hear a lot lately. Struggling with lawsuits related to accidents, Tesla is now experiencing a new explosion shock. According to the news from the USA, it has been waiting in the junkyard for three weeks. Tesla Model S It started to catch fire on its own.

Crashed Tesla Model S engulfed in flames three weeks later

The Tesla Model S was involved in an accident in California about a month ago. The electric car, which became unusable, had been sitting in the junkyard for three weeks, but allegedly suddenly started to catch fire. Firefighters, serious enough to cover the area encounter the risk of fire. told.

Tesla autopilot failed in class: He became the first in car accidents!

Tesla autopilot crashed 273 times in just 10 months. How successful is the Tesla FSD, which Elon Musk has praised many times?

According to the statement made by the Sacramento Fire Department, the Tesla Model S continued to burn even after it was extinguished. Stating that the vehicle started to ignite every time, the fire brigade said, gas leak in battery compartment said it happened.

According to the department’s statement, firefighters had to turn the car on its side and neutralize the battery, but even extinguishing the battery was not enough to stop the fire. “Even if we fight the fire directly, the vehicle can re-ignite due to the high temperature,” one firefighter said.

For the incident at a junkyard near the city of Sacramento. 17 thousand liters of water stated to be used. However, the fire department has contacted the junkyard officials to have a definitive solution. decided to bury the car in the ground.

Officials, who buried the scrapped Tesla Model S in the ground to be completely safe, stated that there was no damage other than financial loss.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently investigating Tesla for safety issues with its autopilot. A previously published report Tesla autopilot has 273 crashes in just 10 months showed that he was involved.

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