Tesla is worried: Ford will charge electric cars in 5 minutes!

One of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers Fordthinks that electric cars’ batteries need to be charged in the time it takes to fill a gas tank. Therefore, the company Purdue University together with a new cable technology He said he was working on it.

However, it is said that the mentioned technology is currently in the patent stage and the prototype has not yet been tested on an electric car. However Purdue only if the cooperation with in 5 minutes We will be able to fully charge the vehicle’s battery.

Ford is preparing to challenge Tesla!

Ford is determined to put its name at number one in the electric car world. The company took an important decision in this direction.

Ford is making important moves on electric cars

Forddevelops by keeping up with time and technology. Accordingly, the company made a statement at the beginning of the year, by 2030 announced that they will shift their production lines to completely electric until For this reason, the company Cologneto open an electric vehicle production factory in 1 billion dollars announced its budget.

Ford electric car

Coming to the first place in the production of electric cars in the coming years. TeslaFord, which is preparing to challenge , in 2022 and 2023 600 thousand vehicles will become a partner in the competition by producing. In order to achieve this, the most admired models Mustang Mach-E and F-150 LightningIt is said to use .

In its current state, charging some electric cars can be a slow and painful process. Of course brake recovery energy Along with batteries and batteries, charging technology also continues to make great progress. However, even if you buy the most up-to-date car at the moment, at least to fully charge the dead batteries. 30 minutes It should stay plugged in.

In fact, many users are in urban use. long range by choosing vehicles that offer during the break 30 minutes charge able to overcome this situation. However, this situation is not yet at an acceptable level by the society and obviously by the states if we look at the number of charging stations.

Request Ford funded by Purdue engineers This is exactly where it comes into play. Charge times to five minutes and they even say they’ve made a breakthrough that can reduce it for a few. While the developments we have seen in charging stations so far are generally realized by special machines that can provide high current values, this technology is completely focused on cables.

At the top of the main difficulties that hinder the charging speed overheating the problem lies. The faster the current from a charging station, the more warmth you can feel on every part, from the battery to the charging cable. Therefore, these technological devices work just like the working principles of computers and phones. The colder they are, the better they can perform.

of Purdue researchers, which is almost five times more advanced than today’s most advanced EV chargers. 2 thousand 400 your amp to adapt to a current on liquid and steam cooling technology They developed a cable that uses Tesla Superchargers to 520 amps Considering that it can go as far as it can go, the difference is quite wide.

In addition, the company only plans to reduce the charging times of large electric vehicles to under five minutes. 1400 amps says it should. Therefore, the potential underlying this technology is quite high. Of course, the batteries also need to support these speeds and their life should not run out quickly. That’s why Ford plans to spread this technology over the next 10 years.

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