Tesla introduced its new karaoke microphone, TeslaMic!

Tesla has managed to attract all the attention by saying that it will officially enter the Turkish market in the past few days. The electric car manufacturer, which stands out with its electric cars, wants to go beyond just being in a car market, as CEO Elon Musk said. It even advertises itself as a technology.

Especially in recent leaks, the company said that it would compete with the company that produces technologies such as headphones, stereos and car speakers, from Apple to Harman Kardon, from Bang and Olufsen to Sennheiser. Today, Tesla emerged with the TeslaMic microphone, which it offered for sale in China.

Tesla is rivaling Apple!

According to the leaks, Tesla has applied for a patent for a series of new headphones, speakers and sound system products it has developed.

Tesla launches TeslaMic, the in-car karaoke microphone

Tesla introduced TeslaMic, which is currently only available in China, with the company’s new year software update. This device is said to be aimed at those who like to do in-car karaoke. The company even sells them in pairs.

According to the company, these microphones automatically pair with the entertainment system of their electric cars. They liken it to pairing AirPods with iPhones. The price tag of the box with 2 devices inside is 188 dollars.

Of course, it is not clear whether these microphones will be exclusive to China for now. However, the company’s new patent applications show that it will both use the various audio equipment it has developed for its cars and offer it for sale.


Therefore, if Musk adheres to the date he gave, we can see TeslaMic sold together with electric cars in 2023. However, if we consider that a fee of 2 thousand 500 TL will be requested for 2 devices without taxes, we can only assume that it will not be compatible with the car. The company may even market this product globally by including it in the other sound group.

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